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Scanning Paper Assessments (AMP only)

This feature allows instructors to scan printed managed assessment answer sheets for automatic grading in Schoology (AMP only). Instructors may print answer sheets for managed assessments and scan students’ paper assessments via upload, mobile app, or scanner for automatic grading.

This gives districts the ability to administer paper assessments and instructors save time by taking advantage of Schoology’s auto-grade functionality without manually entering answers. This is also beneficial for students with accessibility needs by ensuring paper-based assessments are easily brought into Schoology and analyzed.

This feature is in limited availability and available for AMP only. If you’re a System Administrator and interested in this feature for your district, reach out to your Schoology representative for more information.

Printing Answer Sheets

Once a managed assessment has been created and distributed to course sections, instructors may print answer sheets for students to take the paper assessment. Answer sheets contain the following information:

  • Assessment title
  • Student name and email
  • Question number
  • Bubbles as answer choices
  • QR Code for scanning. Each QR code is unique to the student, the managed assessment, and the printed version of that answer sheet.

To print answer sheets:

  1. Open the managed assessment and click Grading.
  2. Click Actions in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Print Answer Sheets from the drop-down menu.

  4. Select the course sections or the students that will be taking paper assessments.

  5. Click Print.

    You may be prompted to allow pop-ups in your browser. Ensure pop-ups are allowed to continue printing the answer sheets.

  6. A PDF file will automatically download to your computer.

  7. Open the PDF file and click the printer icon from the file viewer to select your printer. A preview of the answer sheet will be displayed:

    Ensure your printer settings are set to Print to Fit. The border of the answer sheet should fit around the entire page for the scanning function to work.

  8. Once the answer sheets are printed, a Printed status is displayed next to the student’s name in the assessment Grading > By Student view:

    When answer sheets are printed multiple times, each version of the printed answer sheet is shown under the Status column as Printed, and the status changes corresponding to the current activity for that submission i.e. Scores Pending or Completed:

Scanning Answer Sheets

When students have completed the assessment, you can upload the answer sheets directly to Schoology for automatic grading. Before you upload to Schoology, take pictures of your answer sheets from a device with a camera and upload them to a folder on your computer. Save the image files as JPEG or PDF files to bulk upload directly to the managed assessment.

  • Review the answer sheets before uploading to ensure all bubble marks are identifiable. Any slightly marked bubbles will be scanned in as blank and graded as incorrect.
  • If you have printed multiple versions of the answer sheets, ensure that the sheets you are uploading belong to the same version. Answers sheets that belong to different versions cannot be uploaded successfully and will produce an upload error.

To upload answer sheets to Schoology:

  1. Click Grading from the Assessment.
  2. Click Actions in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Upload Answer Sheets.

  4. Printing tips are displayed on the next screen. Click Add Sheets to start the upload process.

  5. Your file browser window will open up. Select the answer sheet files ready for upload. You may select multiple files using your device’s keyboard shortcuts to bulk upload files.

  6. After you have uploaded the answer sheets, a successful upload message is displayed:

7. Click X in the upper-right corner to exit when you've finished uploading answer sheets or click Add Sheets to upload more answer sheets.

Viewing Submission Sheets

After a completed answer sheet has been scanned and graded, instructors and students can view the scanned image of the answer sheet from the managed assessment.

Instructors — To view submission sheets:

  1. Open the managed assessment and click Grading.
  2. For submission sheets that are pending scoring, instructors will see Scores Pending next to the student’s name from the By Student tab:

  3. Once the scoring is completed, a Completed status is displayed next to the student’s name:

  4. To view the submission, click the three dots to the far right of the student’s name and click View Submission Sheets.

  5. The submission sheet is displayed on the next page:

  6. Click Done to navigate back to the managed assessment grading view.
  7. To unsubmit a paper submission, click the three dots to the far right of the student’s name and click Unsubmit.

Students — To view submission sheets:

  1. Open the managed assessment and click View Submission Sheets.

  2. The submission sheet is displayed on the next page.

  3. Click Done to navigate back to the managed assessment.

Reviewing Upload Errors

Instructors may review and correct any upload errors that prevented the answer sheet from successfully uploading to the students’ submissions.

Errors may occur when:

  • There are unidentified marks on the answer sheet such as eraser marks or white-out.
  • There are multiple bubbles marked on one question when there can be only one response.
  • The entire page border is not captured within the frame.
  • There is a light glare on the image.
  • The answer sheets belong to different printed versions.

To review upload errors:

  1. Open the managed assessment and click Grading.
  2. Click Resolve Now in the error message at the top of the assessment.

  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the student and submission to review the error. You can select the answers on behalf of the student:

  4. Click Update to confirm the student’s submission. Any error corrections made will now be reflected in the Grading area.
  5. Click Re-Upload if you wish to upload another captured answer sheet. You will be prompted to select a file on your computer to upload.
  6. Click Skip to move to the next submission error.

    Skipping a submission removes it from the error list.

  7. Click X in the upper-right to exit and return to the managed assessment.

Grading Subjective Questions

Instructors can use the Grade by Question view to grade the subjective question type - Short Answer/Essay in managed assessments.

The By Student view does not display students' submissions for Short Answer/Essay question type only.

The printed answer sheet contains a textbox for students to write their answer on Short Answer/Essay questions:

Answer sheets that contain the Short Answer/Essay question type can be uploaded in the same workflows listed above.

To grade Short Answer/Essay questions:

  1. Open the managed assessment and click Grading.
  2. Click By Question.
  3. Click Needs Grading next to the subjective question:
  4. Click View Submission Sheets to view the student's response:
  5. Click Done when you're finished reviewing the submission:
  6. Enter the score next to the student's name:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which question types are supported for scanning answer sheets?
You can currently print and scan answer sheets that contain:

  • Multiple choice - standard
  • Multiple choice - multiple responses
  • True or false
  • Match list
  • Order List
  • Short Answer/Essay

Can I scan answer sheets that contain supported and unsupported questions?
If you attempt to print an answer sheet that contains both supported and unsupported question types, an error message will display:

The message includes which questions are not supported and the question type. You must remove those questions before you can print the answer sheet.

Can I scan managed assessments that have randomized the order of questions?

No, the Randomize Order setting is currently not supported when using the scanning feature.

When configuring the settings for a managed assessment, this setting can be set to "Yes" when the assessment is distributed. This means the managed assessment will display the questions in a randomized order - only when students are submitting the test online. It is not supported when printing assessments.

Additionally, printed answer sheets will score the questions in the non-randomized order; that is the order in which they appear to the Assessment Team in AMP. This means Assessment Teams, when creating and distributing a managed assessment that may be printed and scanned, should not opt to randomly order their questions.

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