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Schoology Learning Release Notes: May 2024

Features for the Schoology May 2024 Release are expected on May 30, 2024.

New Features and Enhancements

Feature or Product Area


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Support for Arabic and Thai Languages

Schoology will now have Arabic and Thai language options for users. With Arabic, users will be able to experience a new right-to-left interface. Some areas in Schoology, including integrations, may not be translated at this time or may not be right-to-left aligned. The following examples are not exhaustive but demonstrate the variety of possibilities:

  • Audio/video/document display across all pages

  • PS SIS Teacher App and Admin App

  • External LTI Apps

  • Microsoft Immersive Reader

  • Accessibility Checker in Rich Text Editor

Support for Bi-Directional Writing Directions on Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editors will now have dedicated icons for Bi-directional writing direction that will enable users to choose left-to-right or right-to-left writing direction while curating content inside a Rich Text Editor.

Add members to Course Templates for improved collaboration

Users who have a new set of permissions enabled will be able to add members to their Course Templates to collaborate and build out the template together.

Updates to material icons in the new user interface

Updates are being made to some of the material icons to make them more compliant with accessibility guidelines. We are also working on updates to the different assessment icons to make them distinguishable which will now be part of the June release.

Copy materials to the same course

Users will be able to copy material to the same course as a way to duplicate a specific item.

Hijri Calendar System

Schoology now supports the Hijri Calendar System. Users will be able to choose to display Hijri dates side-by-side with Gregorian dates, and a Hijri toggle on calendar and date pickers. Hijri Dates in the School Analytics Export Report date picker, PDFTron, and LTI apps will not be supported.

School Management: System Settings

Increase support for Middle Name

For users opting to display their middle names, the middle names will now also be displayed on Google Assignments, Assessments Reporting, Course Search, and Student Search in the Advisor Dashboard.

Personal Account (Students): Settings

Assignments marked as Missing to display as Overdue

Assignments that are marked by the teacher as Missing, will display in the parent and student account under the overdue section. This is to ensure that users get correct notifications and tracking for the missing work.

Required Update to SSO Script for Districts Using Schoology for SSO

Schoology Learning currently supports both MD5 and SHA-256 signature methods for Remote Authentication and defaults to MD5. On June 24th, 2024, Schoology Learning will no longer support the MD5 signature method. Districts must update their remote authentication scripts to use the SHA-256 signature method before June 24th in order to prevent disruption to Remote Authentication logins. This will not affect other SSO methods such as SAML or LDAP.

Skyward Qmlative for SIS Connect Migrates to OAuth 2.0 on May 30th

As of May 30, 2024 Skyward Qmlativ in SIS Connect will move to OAuth 2.0 and deprecate OAuth 1.0. For uninterrupted service, update your API credentials to OAuth 2.0 in Skyward and replace them in Schoology SIS Connect.

Schoology Updates PowerSchool SIS App Username Provisioning

Schoology's PowerSchool SIS Integration will continue to provision users when an email address is provided in the username field, as long as the email address field is populated in SIS. This means that user account creation can continue when an email address is included in the email field.

New Schoology Apps in the App Center

  • Exam Login (by Goldstar Learning Inc.) - The Exam Login LTI integration allows teachers to add online Mastery Manager assessments to their LMS courses. Students can launch and complete assessments directly from their assigned courses, without ever needing to leave the LMS. Teachers can pull grades for completed assessments directly into the LMS gradebook. Find it at:

  • Mastery Manager (by Goldstar Learning Inc.) - Mastery Manager is a web-based assessment tool that gives teachers the ability to measure their students' standards-aligned learning progress in real-time. Know in seconds what your students know now. The Mastery Manager LTI integration gives administrators and teachers real-time insight into student learning. From a district-level view down to the individual student and everything in between, users are able to gain insight via the Mastery Monitor dashboard. Find it at:

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