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Using the Delete Tab to Mark Users Inactive with a CSV File (Enterprise)

From the Delete tab on the Import page, you can automatically designate a set of users as inactive or move courses or sections to the Deleted Courses area.

Mark Users Inactive

Marking users Inactive effectively archives their Schoology accounts. Users with inactive accounts:

  • Cannot log in to Schoology.
  • No longer appear in the Members list of their previous courses and groups.

Marking a user Inactive is not a permanent deletion. You can restore an inactive account at any time from the Inactive tab of Manage Users.

You can view a course's inactive members from the Inactive tab in the Members area of the course.

Step 1 - Export a User File

    • Export all users in your organization to a .csv file with the necessary information to update their accounts.
    • The Schoology ID is the only required field used to mark users as inactive, but we also recommend using the other fields to ensure the accuracy of your file:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Username or Email Address
    • Unique ID
    • Schoology ID (required field)
      • Role
      • Building
      • Graduation Year
      Type of content to deleteField Name
      UsersSchoology User ID

      Step 2 - Edit Your File

      After exporting the file, go through it and delete the users that you want to keep active. The file should only include the user accounts you wish to mark inactive. If you assign graduation years to your students' user accounts, you can sort your .csv file by Grad Year.

      Step 3 - Import Your Users File to Mark Users as Inactive

      Once you have exported the file and removed the users you want to keep active, go to the Delete tab and import the file to remove the remaining users.

      1. In the Delete row, select Users from the dropdown menu.
      2. Enable or clear the checkboxes below the dropdown menu:
      • Keep grade or attendance data – Enable to maintain the user history for inactive users, which is useful if you want the option to restore their accounts later.
      • Send email alert – Enable to send an email to inactive users, as well as to instructors of courses in which those users are enrolled.
      • Click Attach File, and then browse to and select the spreadsheet to import.
      • Click Continue.
      • In the Matched User Column drop-down menu, match the Schoology User ID to the corresponding cell in your .csv file. The Preview columns display the values from the first three rows in the respective column from the spreadsheet.
      • Click Next.
      • Confirm the correct set of users in the Deleted section and then click Run. The users from the spreadsheet are now inactive in Schoology.

      • Parent Accounts: Once you have designated students as Inactive, you can also mark parents inactive.

      View and Restore Inactive User Accounts

      Marking users inactive is not a permanent deletion of their accounts. To restore inactive users:

      If you ever need to restore an inactive user account to active status:

      1. In the Manage Users area, click Tools.
      2. Select User Management.
      3. In the Manage Users area, click the Inactive tab.
      4. Select the checkbox next to the user's name.
      5. Click Select Bulk Action, then select the Make Active option.
      6. Click Save Changes.

      Marking users Active again will enable access to join courses and groups but will not automatically re-enroll them into their previous courses and groups. Select Also place user(s) back into courses and groups to re-enroll them in their previous courses and groups.

      Re-enrolling into previous courses also populates grades and attendance records.


      I deleted/inactivated a user's account in my SIS, but the user's account is still active in Schoology. Does making a user account inactive in the SIS also make the user's account inactive in Schoology?


      No. Once users are created in Schoology by the SIS integration, any updates to their account information must be made in the SIS. However, user accounts cannot be deleted in Schoology by deleting the account in the SIS. If a user leaves your organization, you will need to remove their account in both systems.

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