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Versioning Managed Assessments (AMP)

Once you've changed the Assessment Status from Draft to Active, you can no longer edit this version of the assessment. In order to add or remove questions, change the instructions, or alter the settings, you must create a new version of the assessment.

  • You can continue to edit questions in an AMP Question Bank even after you have associated it to the assessment. Any edits will be reflected in all managed assessments that contain the edited question.
  • If any edits to a question alter the correct answer, any existing submissions can be automatically rescored.

To create a new version:

  1. Open the assessment in your team.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the assessment, click the version number. If this is your first time creating a new version, it says V.1.
  3. Select Create a New Version.
  4. Select a previous version of the assessment on which to base your new version.
  5. Click Confirm.

Your new version is automatically placed in Draft mode. Continue to edit and add to the new Draft version until you are ready to make it the Active version.

A managed assessment can have only one active version at a time.

Change the Assessment Status from Draft to Active to automatically change the status of the previous version to Retired. All students who have not yet taken the assessment are given the updated version when they open it from their course Materials page.

If a student has already taken the assessment when you add a new version, Course Admins will still see the same version the student took when they view the student’s submission. However, any student who opens the assessment after you change the version sees the updated assessment.

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