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Viewing Documents and Grading Assignments in the Document Viewer

Sharing and Annotating Documents in Schoology

The Document Viewer enables students to view their documents and educators to annotate student assignment submissions, directly through their Schoology account.

Click a document to open it in the Document Viewer, or click a submission to access additional grading options and annotation controls.

Components of the Document Viewer

Three sections comprise the menu bar along the top of the Document Viewer: Sections A and B are available to all users, while section C is only available to educators grading and annotating student assignments.

Section A: Moving and Resizing the Document

  1. Display or hide thumbnails of the pages in the document.
  2. Scroll through the doc or type in the page number to jump to it.
  3. Increase or decrease the viewing size.
  4. Fit the document to the width or height of the viewer.
  5. View a full-screen version of the document.
  6. Move the document by dragging with the mouse.
  7. Select and copy text.

Section B: Printing, Downloading, and Searching the Document

  1. Print or download the document.
  2. Use keyword search to find a specific part of the document.
  3. Show or hide revision notes to the right of the document.

Section C: Grading and Annotations

Using the grading controls, educators can also:

  1. Grade the assignment. If you're using a rubric to grade the assignment, it will display when you click into this area. The date and time of the most recently auto-saved grade displays below.
  2. Highlight selected text.
  3. Strikeout selected text.
  4. Add notes to the document. These notes display in the Revisions Panel to the right of the document.
  5. Draw on the document.

All annotations and grade updates are automatically saved and posted to the student.

Click on any existing annotation to open a style menu:

Change the color of the markup or delete it from the document. Click Done to close the menu.

Right-click anywhere in the document viewer to access many of the controls, as well:

Annotations Notes and Submission Activity

Instructors can view the date and time of submission from the following areas:

  1. The top of the document, underneath the student's name:
  2. In the Submission Activity panel on the right:

Instructors and students may add comments in two places in the new Document Viewer.

  1. Educators may add a note to comment on the document itself using the Note icon
    These notes display directly to the right of the document in the revisions panel. Click the Revision Notes icon
    to display or hide these notes and other revision marks.
  2. Educators or students may add notes, comments, or questions concerning the assignment itself in the Submission Activity area to the right of the revisions panel. You can also attach files or audio recordings to these comments.

    Comments added to the Submission Activity area send a notification to the student and educator. Notes added to the document itself using the Notes icon do not send a notification.

Supported Versions

  • The updated Document Viewer is supported on the following versions of Schoology mobile apps:
      • Android versions 4.1.1 and above.
      • iOS versions 3.11.0 and above.

        Educators using earlier versions of the Schoology apps will see a large red X over submissions when attempting to grade them. If you encounter this issue, upgrade to the latest version of the app:

        • iOS App Store
        • Google Play Store
        • Amazon Appstore
    • Submissions containing annotations made prior to 2017 are not supported in Document Viewer.
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