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Workload Planning (Enterprise Only)

The workload planning feature is available in every course section (Enterprise) to help teachers determine student workload in Schoology.

This tool aggregates assignments and other materials across your students' courses and displays the number of assignments due on a given day. It may be useful when scheduling tests and projects, planning lessons, and understanding how much time your students have to work on something you plan to assign.

To use Workload Planning, select a number of items to use as the threshold of items due from the dropdown at the top of the page. For example, in the image below, the teacher has kept the default Student Workload to "2 or more items." The grid in the Workload Planning area will be color-coded based on this number: when members of the course have the number of assignments that you have set due on a given day, the cell corresponding to that day and student will be shaded yellow. If the number of items due is one more than the number you have set, it will be orange. When the number of items meets or exceeds two items over the threshold you have set, the cell will be shaded red. 

The top table displays a summary of student information. For example, in the image below, 9 out of 11 members in the course section have two or more items due in Schoology on Monday. That is 82% of the members in the course!

The Student Breakdown table displays the workload for each individual student. The first student has two graded items due on Monday. Clicking on the number will further display each graded item assigned to the student.

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