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Validation added to resource titles to inform users when an unsupported character is used:

  • The following characters are not supported - !"#$%&'*+,/:;<=>?@[]^`{|}~€±.
Edit Items

Duplicate Rubric Warning Message to Edit Item:

  • Added a warning message to alert users when a duplicated rubric ID has been added in the same item.
  • Warning: You have duplicated rubrics within the same item. You will only be able to apply scores once and have them applied automatically to the duplicate rubric. In order to score each rubric, you will want to insert two unique rubrics or make two unique items with the rubric included.

OLATest Tools

Updated the Desmos calculators in OLA to match standard testing mode:

  • National/state assessment products serviced by Desmos operate off these settings.
  • This will force the Graphing Calculator to open into a Degree Mode by default which is the Desmos standard for their High Stakes Calculators. This differs from the default of TI-84.
AKO Custom Labels

Updated AKO Custom Labels to Show in OLA:

  • Now display the custom labels for Answer Key Only tests in OLA as displayed on answer sheets.
TestsEdit Tests



Added Icons to Edit Test page to reflect Test Administration Status:

  •  Added a green check mark to indicate if the test is ready for administration with all three criteria in place - course type selected, grade level selected, and current date falling in the test administration window.
  • Added a construction cone icon to indicate if one of the three criteria is missing. Hover over the icon to see what needs updating to make the test ready for administration.

Added Total Points Possible to Edit Test page and Answer Key PDF:

  • A tally of total points possible for a test on the bottom left-hand side of the page now available.
  • The total points possible are also visible in the answer key PDF.

Added Daily Time Availability Label in the Administration Window Dates:

  • Added the Daily Time Availability label to clarify that the time frame is separate from the administration dates.

Added Item Count to Add Items Page:

  • When you add items to your test, an item count of selected items now displays in the top right-hand corner.
ReportsStudent Details

Expand Data Captured in Student Detail Export:

  • Expanded the Student Detail export to include state test sub-claim scores and additional score data.
MyUnify (MyDashboard)

Updated MyUnify label to MyDashboard:

  • Updated the label under the Admin menu option from MyUnify to MyDashboard as part of the ongoing rebranding effort.
AdministrationUnify Admin (Site Administration)

Updated Unify Admin to Site Administration

  • Updated the label under the Admin menu option from MyUnify to MyDashboard as part of the rebranding effort.

Early Warning Admin

Added a New Administration page for Early Warning:

  • Accessible through Administration > Early Warning Administration.
  • Select from Attendance, Behavior, Grade, and Other tabs to view available indicators.
  • Select specific categories from the options available in the left-hand menu.
  • Select Filter Security to apply specific security settings to each filter.
  • Add, edit, and delete indicators as needed.
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