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Deployment of Release is expected on December 26, 2020. 

Product Updates

Product Area 



AdministrationAdded Logic to Identify and Hide High Stakes ResourcesUsers who are not Site Admins and do not have High Stakes Admin rights will no longer see resources used on high stakes items. When a test is flagged as being secure in the Administration tab of the Test Edit page, it will now flag resources used on the items on that test to be high stakes as well. When searching for resources to add to a test or item, or when using the global search, these resources will not be visible to users that are not indicated in Site Permissions in Manage Organization as having High Stakes Admin rights. If the resource is shared with items that are not being used on a high stakes test, the preview will be prevented unless the user has the necessary access.
SearchGlobal Search - Deleted Objects Hidden by DefaultIn this release, we updated the global search to now exclude deleted objects from the counts or search results by default, unless the "Deleted" filter is applied.
SearchUpdated Test Preview in SearchWe have updated the test preview provided in the global search to display an in-app preview of a test rather than launching the OLA preview. This allows for tests authored in third party sites to be previewed from the search page without having to copy them to preview in customer sites. Test Center will still give users the true OLA preview.
Online TestingUpload Interaction Lockout UpdatesThe lockout timer for the upload interaction has now been extended to 15 seconds. Adding your file for the upload interaction closes the warning modal without having to click back into the window.
Online TestingDesign Updates to OLA Settings MenuThe look and feel of the OLA Settings menu have been updated. The icons for Screen Magnification, Screen Contrast, Text to Speech, and Line Focus have been updated. Also, the on/off switches for Text to Speech and Line Focus have been changed to on/off toggles.
Online TestingText to Speech Tool Updates for Math Text

Text to Speech tool will now properly read aloud text from the MathML editor, like fractions, with the following restrictions that are not currently supported:

  • The less-than symbol
  • Shuffling choices
  • Text entered by the student
  • Selection will not work for MathML type
MyDashboardMyDashboard - The School Filter Has Been Added to the Teacher TabBuilding-level users who have access to more than one school can now select the Teacher tab and filter the list by school to view the associated teachers.
ReportsDibels 8 Data Uploads Available NowWe now support Dibels 8 data uploads. If you are interested in having this data loaded as its own measure in reporting, please submit a support ticket after the 20.12 release.
Student DetailAdditional Student Contact Field Available for Student DetailWe now support two student contacts in the Student file that will appear in the Student Detail report.
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