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Deployment of Release is expected on February 27, 2021. 

Product Updates

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AdministrationAdded New Site Setting 'Show Contact'  to Manage Organization Site Admins can now disable the Contact button shown in Student Detail if they are not including this field in their Student file. By default, it is enabled since it is shown in the site, but it can be disabled to have the Contact button hidden to avoid confusion if you do not want this data available in the report.
ScanviewRow Counts Added to ScanviewRow counts now appear in the main page of Scanview, batch links, and test links for ease of use.
SearchAction Links in Search Launch New Tab to Retain Filter Criteria in SearchWhen you click action links on the Search page (for example, edit or duplicate), a new tab launches to retain any specified search criteria. 
SearchAdded Bulk Actions to the Search Page for Items and BanksWhen using the global search, Site Admins now have the option to apply bulk actions to items or banks authored in their site to allow content to be moved and organized as needed. Additional filter criteria can be applied in the filter panel to select multiple items or banks to be merged into another bank to efficiently organize and manage district-created content.
Test CreationTest Sections Available to Collapse or Expand in Test Edit PageTests with more than one section now have a caret icon that allows you to expand or collapse sections for ease of use. This is available on the Test Edit page for tests with items and Answer Key Only tests. By default, all sections are expanded.
User ManagementAdded Procedures to Nightly Builds to Sync Archive User UpdatesWhen you add or update archive accounts, the changes are synced with the current year site with your nightly build to have the updates reflected.
User ManagementAdded a Deep Link from User Manager to Enrollment Admin for Co-Teacher Role SupportWhen creating a user that is a Co-Teacher in User Manager, a link is provided to directly navigate to Enrollment Admin to manually schedule students for that user to streamline the Co-Teacher setup workflow.
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