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Deployment of Release is expected on October 29th, 2022. 

Product Updates

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DisplayWhen Show PDS Setting is Enabled in Archive Site, PowerSchool Design System Layout Will Be DisplayedWhen Show PDS Setting is enabled in the archive site, the PowerSchool Design System layout will be displayed.
ReportsStandards for Observational Assessment Available in Baseball Card ReportDisplay standards for Observational Assessment measures in Advanced Reporting with the Baseball Card Report. Standards associated with a measure are displayed inside that measure’s folder. These can be added to the report with other data in the Baseball Card. The data and performance bands that are displayed in that standard’s column in the report are the data that have been entered for that student for the measure with which the standard is associated.
TestingAllow Edits to Observational Assessment After Publish

Edits are now allowed for Observational Assessments even after they are published and have student data recorded.

The following requested edits can now be made, based on permissions:

  • changes to Assessment Category, Primary Course Type, and Administration Window.

  • adding course types and grade levels, but not removing them.

  • adding or removing standards or references (artifacts).

Some changes may be reflected after the intraday build or nightly build.

TestingDelete a Response from an Observational AssessmentData that has been entered on the Capture page for an Observational Assessment can now be removed. Remove data for a measure for a student from the Capture page. For Numeric and Open Entry measures types, delete the response, hit enter and save. For Drop-down List measure types, click Select One from the drop-down and save. Updates will be reflected after the nightly build.
TestingDistinct Field for Reporting Course Type (Primary Course Type) for Observational AssessmentThere is now a field for Observational Assessment on the Properties tab to specify the Primary Course Type. When there are two or more course types, this field is displayed. Previously, the first course type selected was defaulted as the primary course type.
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