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Deployment of Release is expected on November 26th, 2022. 

Product Updates

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Item CreationAddition of a New SAT Subsection on Item Creation PageThe new SAT Subsection, Additional Topics in Math, has been added to the Attributes section of the Item Creation page.
Item CreationEnabled Multiselect of SAT Subsection Attribute on Item Creation Page

Multiselect is enabled for the SAT Subsection attribute on the Item Creation page, similar to how the Grades attribute currently functions.

Observational AssessmentStudents Scored Column Added to Observational Assessments in Test Center

Students Scored Column has been added to the Observational Assessments tab in Test Center. The count displayed is the number of students that have a response for at least one measure on an Observational Assessment and will be reflected in the count of scored students after the nightly build for any assessments created after September 2022 with responses captured. Reporting for assessments prior to September 2022 is still available in Baseball Card, but these scored student counts in Test Center are reflected for assessments and responses starting October 2022.

Observational AssessmentFocused View of Observational Assessment Capture Page

Focused View is an expanded full-screen display of the Observational Assessment Capture page. Users can review and add data for more student rows than on the Standard View.

Observational AssessmentShow Not Scored Students Only on Observational Assessment Capture Page

When displaying the Capture page for an Observational Assessment, users can toggle an option called Show Not Scored Only to display students with no response entered. This is available on the Student Name column to toggle students who have no data entered at all. This is also available on each measure column to toggle students who do not have data entered for that specific measure.

Observational AssessmentDownload File of Blank Observational Assessment

Download a csv file of a blank Observational Assessment with student names, student IDs, and measure titles of the measures on that assessment, based on the students to which the user has access. Applied filters do not carry over into the downloaded file.

ReportingSection Name Displayed in Assessment Moniker on OLA Student Status Page and Assessment Completion Report

The section name is also displayed in the assessment moniker on the OLA Student Status page and Assessment Completion report after the section number.

ReportingUpdated Baseball Card Column Headers Fixed Location When Scrolling

When scrolling down the Baseball Card report, the column headers in the report will stay fixed in place at the top of the report as you scroll down your student list.

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