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Deployment of Release is expected on March 26th, 2022. 

Product Updates

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AdministrationAll Alert Notifications in Site Admin Display Using the Standard Ribbon FormatPreviously, the format of alert notifications in Site Admin was inconsistent with the standard success and warning ribbon notifications used in the rest of Performance Matters. The format of these alerts has been updated.
AdministrationAssessment Category Permission Added to Site AdminSite Admin now includes the option to manage assessment category permissions. Managing who can add certain categories to an assessment will help ensure that tests are categorized correctly.

By default, an assessment category is available to all users. If access to the category is specified, then only the selected users, roles, or groups can choose that assessment category when creating or editing an assessment. Performance Matters Administrators and Site Administrators have default access to all categories. don't have to be indicated and have access to all categories by default.

Online TestingDefault Text Size Increased to 14 Point for Specific Interactions 

The default text size has been increased to 14 point font in Online Testing for the following interactions that use a default text size that cannot be managed in the item editor:

  • Multi-choice
  • Associate
  • Gap Match
  • Match
  • Order
  • Text Entry
  • Inline
  • Hottext


The Assessment Completion Report has been updated to include the following:

  • Rubric Scoring Per Item Section
  • Ability to Export the Student List to Excel
  • Added Engaged Duration for Tests Administered Online

For assessments with an open administration window, the Rubric Scoring Per Item section was added, which includes a pie chart representing the percentage of students within each scoring status (scored, unscored, and partially scored), and corresponding student lists. Student lists include an Engaged Duration column. You can export these student details to Excel.

ReportsTemplate File and Accommodations Export Files in MyReportsTeacher, school, and district exports will be available for the Accommodations Profiles in MyReports. Additionally, a template file for bulk uploading will be available for districts to generate.
ReportsAdded Economically Disadvantaged (ED/FRL) Security to Comparative Results Subgroups Tab

The site setting and filter security for ED applied in Site Admin is now reflected in the Subgroups tab of Comparative Results. If a user’s role is not given access to display the ED filter, it will not be available in this tab of the report either.

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