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Deployment of Release is expected on May 28th, 2022. 

Product Updates

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DataAdditional iReady Overall Relative Placement Measures Available for Auto ImportThe following additional iReady measures are available for auto import through a Support ticket for all customers:

iReady Math
  • Overall Relative Placement
  • Number and Operations Relative Placement
  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking Relative Placement
  • Measurement and Data Relative Placement
  • Geometry Relative Placement

iReady Reading
  • Overall Relative Placement
  • Phonological Awareness Relative Placement
  • Phonics Relative Placement
  • High-Frequency Words Relative Placement
  • Vocabulary Relative Placement
  • Reading Comprehension: Literature Relative Placement
  • Reading Comprehension: Informational Text Relative Placement
DataStandard Grades Import Now Available Within Course GradesSubmit a Support ticket to request loading course-level standard grades into Baseball Card and Scoreboard reports. Standard grades need to be provided in the required layout in a separate file with a Support ticket to have them reviewed, mapped, and loaded for nightly auto import. In the reports, within your Grades folder under the course, the standard name and term are displayed. You can select this to display the overall grade on that standard. The Student Detail report will not reflect these until a future release.
Item CreationUpdated Calculator Profile Selection Desmos updated to include 36 unique states and 40 unique calculator profiles.
ReportingNew Assessment Completion Report Column Displays Submission TypeA Submission Type column has been added to the Assessment Completion Report student list table to indicate an online scoring, scan sheet, or Online Testing submission.
Test CreationSetting Added to Test Creation to Prevent Students from Skipping QuestionsThe Do Not Allow Students to Move Forward option was added to the test creation page. If selected, the student must answer the current question to move forward to the next assessment question. The Next button will be inactive until the current question is answered and active again after the question is answered.
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