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Deployment of Release is expected on June 25th, 2022. 

Product Updates

Product Area 



AdministrationPNG File Type Supported for File Upload Via Manage OrganizationUploading student image files via the upload option in Manage Organization now supports .png image files in addition to .jpeg files.
AdministrationSite Administrators Can Select from the Calculator Profile OptionsSite Administrators and Performance Matters Administrators can display and select state-specific calculator profiles in Manage Organization. 
AdministrationNew Test Settings Section Available to Site Administrators in Manage OrganizationThe Manage Organization options for Site Administrators have been expanded to include a Test Settings section to customize the following test default settings:

* Visible to Site Administrators (administrators under Site Permissions)
* Visible to Performance Matters Administrators
* Moved the Show Private Option for Teachers and Show Exclude Weekends/Holidays settings to this new Test Settings section
Test CreationWarning Message Displays if Limit Test Center Option is Selected Without Indicating a Building or CourseA warning message has been added to display after saving when the Limit Test Center option is selected but no building or course is indicated on the Edit Test page.
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