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Deployment of Release is expected on July 30th, 2022. 

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AdministrationAllow Source/Bank Permissions to Support Author Only/Copy Only This update allows for more flexibility with granular permission level controls. For item source and item bank permissions, if a user deselects lower permissions of Read and Copy, it will allow Author permissions to be selected in isolation. In addition, if a user de-selects a copy level permission, it should read, author, and update permission to remain intact but not copy level. 
AdministrationNew Test Settings in Manage Organization - Limit Test CenterIn Manage Organization, an additional Test Setting is available for Site Admins to enable Limit Test Center option automatically for newly authored tests for Building level and Teacher Roles once the setting is enabled. By default, this option will not be selected.
AdministrationNew Test Settings in Manage Organization - Private by Default

In Manage Organization, an additional Test Setting is available for Site Admins under Show Private Option for Teachers called Private by Default. When the Show Private Option for Teachers is enabled, the default is to have Private by Default checked. This checkbox will not be enabled if Show Private Option for Teachers is not selected. Upon enabling Show Private Option for Teachers, then the checkbox for Private by default should be active for selection.

If the selection is disabled, the impact will be when users in the Teacher role create new tests, the Private option in the Administration tab will not default to being selected as Private.

AdministrationNew Timed Test Setting in Edit Test page

For any new test, if you navigate to test format, you can see an option to enable timed test. If enabled, that section of the test becomes a timed test. It is mandatory to enter a time limit between 1 to 180 minutes once the test setting is enabled.

When student(s) start a timed test online, they will be informed that the test is timed on both the test view page and on the test start page with the hourglass icon and the time duration being provided. On the start page, the student can choose if they want to see the timer continuously ticking or hide it using the show timer checkbox. They can always change their preference during the test. When the time has exceeded, the student(s) will have their assessment automatically submitted and will be presented with a modal to indicate the time provided has been completed. 

Item CreationLimit maximum selections for Multiple Choice Interaction

Item authors can now limit the maximum amount of selections available for a student for a multiple choice interaction, where there are multiple correct answer choices.

When creating items, to enable this option, mark the checkbox for Set Limit on Maximum Answer Choices, then type a number in the field Maximum Number of Choices Allowed for the most options a student can select for a multi-select item. You can preview the item to confirm the student can only select up to the number of correct answers entered here.

This setting is applicable for online testing  and Online Scoring. 

For a multi-select choice interaction where the maximum number of answer choices entered has been specified, do not allow forward test setting should not allow the student to move to the next question until the max number of answer choices have been selected by the student on the multi-select choice interaction.

Online TestingUpgraded TextHelp to latest version v3.7.0 | Passage Translation Available

The text-to-speech tool, which is provided by TextHelp, for online testing has been upgraded to the latest version which resolves some of the bugs with how the minus sign is read and some passages being skipped by the tool. In addition, we have expanded the offering to include support beyond single-word translation if you highlight a portion of text and have enabled the Text to Speech tool setting for translation either in the test setting or particular student's accommodation profile.

Online TestingTest Administrators Can Reset Timer for Timed Tests

Test administrators can reset time on timed tests in OLA Student Admin (or the newer version of the page OLA Student Status) when students are moved from Finished to In Progress status.

This action can be secured as needed by District Admins in the Site Admin page under the Admin menu drop down.  In the Assessment Category tab, If District Admins want to prevent students from being moved from Finished to In Progress which will allow time resets on a timed tests, indicate which Assessment Categories you want to secure by checking by the OLA Student Admin Secure setting which prevents users without High Stakes Admin access from moving students from Finished back to In Progress. Based on the Assessment Category given in the Test Edit page for the test, it will reflect this security in both OLA Student Admin and OLA Student Status.

With this initial release, we are not capturing the previous time given to the student on the test before reset. This functionality will be taken care of in a future release.

ReportsBaseball Card Common Assessment Results OrderIn Baseball Card under the Common Assessment folder for Performance Matters assessment results, the order of the results were adjusted so the overall test score and points earned are presented above the section level scores.
ReportsSTAR Assessment Color SupportFor STAR Assessment data imports, character scores are available for color file support through a ticket to Support.
ReportsEngaged Duration Updated Format in Assessment Completion ReportEngaged duration of student's time spent on a test is displayed in HH:MM:SS format in Assessment Completion Report.
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