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Deployment of Release is expected on September 24th, 2022. 

Product Updates

Product Area 



Online TestingWarning Message is Displayed to a Student on a Timed Test When Nearing Test Completion

A warning message will be displayed to a student on a timed test when the student is nearing the maximum time allocated on the test so that they can make the best use of the time left.

ReportingSunsetting Legacy Assessment Folder Structure in Baseball Card and Scoreboard Report

Results for tests administered in Performance Matters will display in the format provided under the Common Assessment folder. Results will be organized by assessment category, then course type, and will include additional data, including section-level results and standards percentage scores. We will remove the legacy assessment folder to avoid confusion and prevent duplicate data.

Test CreationObservational Assessment Now Available

Observational Assessment is a new assessment type within the Performance Matters platform. It is a non-traditional assessment that allows for a flexible input of data and information and is typically entered on behalf of the student by teachers or staff. This assessment type fills the need for a non-traditional, non-percent-based type of activity and reporting. Users can capture data for a variety of situations where the student is observed or interviewed, such as early literacy observations, state physical fitness tests, and other non-traditional scenarios where students do not take the assessments themselves. The data for Observational Assessments feeds into the Baseball Card reporting feature as part of the Common Assessment folder structure. With this release, your district will be able to create, capture results from the Test Center page, and review data in the Baseball Card report for Observational Assessments. To enable this feature for your district, submit a support ticket.

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