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Create an Observational Assessment

Create Observational Assessments

  1. From the main navigation menu, choose Tests, then New Observational Assessment.

  2. From the Properties tab, enter an assessment Title.

  3. Choose an Assessment Category.
  4. Choose at least one of the Course Types with Access.

  5. Choose the Course Type for ReportingIf an assessment has two or more Course Types with Access, the Course Type for Reporting determines the assessment course type in the Baseball Card Report and Scoreboard.
  6. Choose at least one of the Grades with Access.
  7. Optionally, choose the Schools with Access to limit the test to certain schools. 
  8. Optionally, choose the Courses with Access to limit the test to specific courses. 
  9. Enter a Description.
  10. Select the Measures tab.
  11. Click Add Measure.
  12. Enter a measure Title.
  13. Choose a Type:
    • Drop-down List to choose from a list of options when capturing data.
    • Open Entry if capturing data requires text or numeric values.
    • Numeric if the captured data should be a numeric value.
  14. Enter a Question or Observation Description.
  15. Enter a Unit of Measure.
  16. From Scoring Color Association, click Manage Color Association, then Add Color Association.

    The available colors match the performance band colors in the Baseball Card report.
  17. Choose a Color, then enter a Label for each performance band you want to associate with the measure.
  18. Click Close.
  19. Optionally, you can add another measure. Alternatively, you can manage an added measure. Click the ellipsis, then choose Duplicate or Delete.
  20. Click the drag icon to reorder measures as needed.
  21. Optionally, click Add Standards.
    1. Enter search criteria, then click Add to choose a standard.
    2. Click Done.
  22. Optionally, from Upload Reference, click Choose, then select a file.

    • References can include images (jpeg or png files), PDFs, Word documents, or spreadsheets (xls files).
    • Files cannot exceed 10 MB.
  23. Select the Administration tab.
  24. Enter a Date and Time for the Administration Window.
  25. Click Publish Assessment if you are ready to publish the assessment for administration.

    You can click the Publish Assessment toggle to unpublish the assessment if you have the necessary administrative permissions and no student data has been captured.

  26. The observational assessment creator and others with administrative access to the assessment can add or manage the associated permissions. Click Permissions.
  27. Click Add Group.
  28. Choose from the filters, then select the necessary users or groups.
  29. Click OK.
  30. Select the appropriate permissions for each user or group, then click Save.
  31. Optionally, click Preview to preview the observational assessment and its measures during creation.
  32. Click Save.

Manage Observational Assessments

Changes made to an observational assessment's Course Type or Grade Level take approximately 10 to 30 minutes to display in Assessment Manager if the administration window is currently open. Some changes to the Administration Window are reflected on the Capture Data page following the nightly build.

If the Administration Window dates includes the current date, and the window is shortened:

  • The Capture Data option will not be available in Assessment Manager.
  • You can navigate to the Capture Data page from the direct URL, but you cannot manage data.
  • After the nightly building, the student list will not display on the Capture Data page and the latest data displays in the Baseball Card report to reflect the changes to the Administration Window dates.

If the Administration Window dates do not include the current date and the window is extended:

  • The test record is immediately added to Assessment Manager.
  • After the nightly build, the student list displays on the Capture Data page.

The following changes will display in the Baseball Card report after a nightly build:

    • Assessment Title
    • Assessment Category
    • Primary Course Type
    • Changes to standards
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