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Create Groups

You can create groups within an organization to specify menu security for roles.

By default, all roles created with the initial set up of the district site are included in the organization's Faculty group.

Any new role groups created after the initial district site set up are not automatically linked to the Faculty group. Create a support ticket to link new groups to the Faculty group.

Create a New Group

  1. Choose Admin from the main navigation menu, then choose New Group.
  2. Enter the Group Name and Group Description using the naming convention defined by your school district. Select Public if you want this group to be available to other, trusted organizations.
  3. Use the search to find and display users, roles, or groups.
  4. Click ADD to include a search row to the Members list.
  5. Repeat these steps as necessary to complete the Members list.
  6. To remove a member, select any rows to delete, then click Delete Selected Members.
  7. Click Save to create the group, then click Continue.

Assign Permissions

  1. Click Permissions.

  2. Click Add group.

  3. Choose users and groups.

    1. Search for the user or group using the Group Type, Organization, Description, or User's Groups (role).

    2. Click the user or group row.

      Press and hold the Ctrl or Cmd key to make multiple selections.

    3. Click OK.

  4. Select the permissions in the header to apply or remove the permissions for all users and groups. You can add or remove permissions from individual users or groups as needed.

  5. Click Save.

Permission levels

The following permissions determine what you can display and the available actions:

  • Read provides access to display objects.

  • Copy allows objects to be displayed and copied.

  • Update allows objects to be copied and updated.

  • Admin provides access to manage permissions. Users who have administrative permissions have access to all site objects.

  • Access allows users to display reporting data.

  • Report provides access to all reports associated with the object.

  • High_stakes_admin gives access to any objects with the high stakes attribute.

  • File_uploader provides the ability to upload files.

Next, set the appropriate menu security for the group. Refer to Set Menu Security by Group for more information.

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