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GradeCam is a third-party scan sheet and scoring tool. To use GradeCam, you must first enable the option via test settings. Then you will use the GradeCam interface to capture and score scan sheets.

Test Requirements

To use GradeCam, the test must meet the following requirements:

Question Requirements

  • All questions on the test must be multiple choice.
  • Each question must have between two and nine answer choices.
  • The answer choices must contain only A-Z, 0-9, +, -, *, /, or .

You can choose from any of the available Answer Set options that include two to nine answer choices, including TF (True/False) and YN (Yes/No), for example. Contact Support if a new Answer Set is needed.

Answer Sheet Requirements

  • A maximum of one answer sheet per student is allowed for GradeCam scoring, so the number of questions on the test must not exceed one printed scan sheet.
  • Student IDs must be between 3 and 10 digits.
  • Both the length of the Student ID and the length of the Answer Set (for example ABCDE) impact the maximum number of questions that will print on one answer sheet.

The maximum number of questions should not exceed 40 for a scan sheet to be scored with GradeCam.

  • A minimum of four answer choice bubbles are printed for each question. Bubbles that are not valid answer choices are automatically crossed out when using answer sets of two or three choices.

  • Each answer sheet must have at least four valid answer choice bubbles. This means there must be at least two questions on the test in the case of questions with less than four valid answer choices, such as TF (True/False), YN (Yes/No), or ABC, for example.

Enable GradeCam

If your district uses GradeCam, it will appear as an option in your scan sheet settings for a test window.

  1. Search for the desired test and select Edit.
  2. Click on the Administration tab.
  3. Select the current test administration window.
  4. Ensure Scan Sheets is selected.
  5. Click on Scan Sheets.
  6. Select GradeCam. You cannot select both GradeCam and Performance Matters scan sheets.
  7. Save the test.
  8. If the question format does not meet GradeCam requirements, a message will list the errors such as question type, answer sets, missing bubbles, or missing correct answers, for example.

The error Form too big will occur when generating the PDF if the scan sheet exceeds the one page limit.

Printing Scan Sheets

You can download and print your scan sheets in any one of the following ways. As long as you have selected GradeCam in your test administration window settings, the downloaded sheets will be in GradeCam format.

  • Use Proctoring available in the test administration window.
  • Use the release icon available in Test Center.
  • Optionally, you can download and print the Reusable Scan Sheets.
  • If the scan sheet exceeds the maximum of one answer sheet per student, an error message displays when generating the PDF.
  • Both the length of the Student ID and the length of the Answer Set (for example ABCDE) impact the number of questions that will print on one answer sheet. For more information, refer to Test Requirements.

Reusable Scan Sheets

You can use reusable GradeCam sheets in order to reduce the need for printing scan sheets for each assessment. In order to use this feature, you can print a blank GradeCam scan sheet and laminate it. The students will bubble in their responses with markers that can be erased after the responses have been captured. Each test must be set up to follow the GradeCam requirements (See Enable GradeCam)

Create the Reusable Form

  1. From the main navigation menu, choose Tests, then GradeCam.
  2. Select Print reusable form.
  3. Choose the number of questions.
  4. Choose the answer set.
  5. Click Generate form to download the form. The form automatically downloads. If it does not, check for pop-up blockers.

If you want to use the same sheet for a student for each test, bubble the student code after printing and prior to laminating the scan sheets.

Scan the Form

  1. Click Reusable Form for the Scan sheet type.
  2. Choose the test for which you will be scanning responses.
  3. Choose the appropriate test event for this test.
  4. Proceed to Step 3 of Scanning and Scoring Answers.

Scanning and Scoring Answers

After administering a test using GradeCam scan sheets, you can capture and score the results. Tests scored with GradeCam display in all reports after 15 minutes, just like tests scored via Online Testing or Scanview,

  1. From the main navigation menu, choose Tests, then GradeCam.
  2. Indicate whether this is a reusable form.
    1. If it is a reusable form, refer to Scan the Form.
    2. If it is not a reusable form, select Single Test Form.
    3. Enter the number of questions.
  3. When you first access the page, you have the option of installing the GradeCam plugin or continuing without it. Make your choice in the Active camera window.

    GradeCam has documented a known issue with the Chrome browser. If using Chrome, choose the Continue without option.
  4. The camera is active after selecting an option. Hold each completed scan sheet in the camera display to capture its image and score the assessment.

    If the Hide Scores option is selected, student scores and incorrect responses are prevented from displaying during scanning.

  5. Repeat the process until all scan sheets are captured and scored.

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