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Graduation Status Report

Use the Baseball Card report to monitor graduation status. To enable this feature, graduation requirements must be provided by your state and integrated with your district data.

Report information includes:

  • All students to which you have access
  • The year each student entered high school
  • Whether the student has met the state graduation requirements
  • The composite score determining the student's status
  • Which tests the student still needs to take in order to be eligible
  • Which tests the student needs to re-take and pass in order to be eligible
  • The year the test was first taken by the student

Both Cohort Year and FTTT (First Time Test Taken) Year must be provided to Performance Matters Assessment and Analytics in the district feed, otherwise results for that student may not be accurate.

Access the Report

  1. From the navigation menu, select Reports, then Baseball Card Report.
  2. Expand the Graduation Report folder.
  3. Select Cohort Year.
  4. Select Graduation Status.
  5. Select All Composite.
  6. Select the individual assessments for which you want to review the graduation status.
  7. Use color swatching to filter the Graduation Status column by Not Met.

The High Stakes Tests options are duplicated in the Graduation Report folder to make building this report easier.

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