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Import Student Measures

District administrators can upload student measures for reporting.

Create Import File

Create the import file using your favorite spreadsheet application.

Data columns and formats will depend on the type of student measures you are importing.

After the data is complete, save the file as a tab-delimited or comma-separated *txt.

Upload Import File

  1. Choose Admin from the main navigation menu, then choose Log View.
  2. Click Data Uploader.
  3. Choose the appropriate Uploader Table.
  4. Click the appropriate choices for Header Row and Column Delimiter.
  5. Click Upload a file.
  6. Choose the appropriate file. The system will load a preview of the first ten records so you can verify and map the data.
  7. For each column, click Select Field, then choose the appropriate mapping. Do not map extra columns.

    If you have uploaded this file before, and the format has not changed, save time by clicking Use Last Mapping.

  8. Click Done.
  9. To confirm the upload mapping, click Accept.

All file imports will process overnight. After the import is complete, you can review the job results in Log View.

Delete Measures

If you used the generic uploader, unwanted data imports can be removed.

  1. From the main navigation, choose Reports, then choose Baseball Card Report.
  2. Navigate the student measures hierarchy to the measure you want to delete.
  3. Click the ellipsis, then Delete.
  4. To confirm, click Delete again.

The delete action is immediate.

The option to delete is available at each level of the hierarchy. All children of the deleted folder will also be deleted. Choose carefully.

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