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OLA Status Overview

If assessments are administered using Online Testing, you can track overall progress and individual student progress in OLA student status.

  1. From the main navigation menu, select Tests, then OLA Student Status.

  2. Search to display the desired assessment.

There are six possible statuses:

  • Unassigned - The student cannot access the assessment because it has not been released to them.

  • Assigned - The assessment is released, but the student has not logged in yet.

  • In Progress - The student is taking the assessment.

  • Locked - The student is locked out of the assessment due to navigating outside of the assessment.

  • Scoring in Progress - The student submitted their assessment for scoring.

  • Finished - The student's results are available in reporting.

Assessments administered using a scan sheet are limited to the following statuses:

  • Unassigned - The student's scan sheet is not downloaded.

  • Assigned - The student's scan sheet is downloaded.

  • Finished - The student's scan sheet is scanned and processed.

If a student clicks Exit before completing the assessment, reset their status to In Progress to allow them to log in and resume testing.

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