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OLA student status

The OLA Student Status page serves as a dashboard for you to monitor students' progress as they take online assessments.

Manage student status

  1. From the main navigation menu, select Tests, then OLA Student Status.

  2. Choose the Assessment.

    Teachers have access to tests:

    • with an open test administration window
    • they created
    • to which they have been granted access
  3. Choose from the available student filters.

    • If you select a My Student Groups filter, all other student filters are unavailable. 
    • The My Student Groups filter is only available to teachers.
    • You can only filter by one student group at a time.
    • You can add students in a selected student group to the assessment. Only students assigned to the course and grade to which the assessment is mapped can be added to the assessment. Eligible students are added as Unassigned.
  4. Optionally, to display classes that are associated with any selected teachers, clear the Restrict class list by selected teacher selection.

  5. To display a student's test results in the parent or student portals during the test administration window, select Include Item Results in Portal. This option applies only while the test administration window is open. Once the test window closes, all item-level results automatically populate for all students. 
    This option is only available if Restrict Item Results from the Portal is not selected in the test's Properties section.

    1. Select the header level to select all students.

    2. Alternatively, you can select individual students.

  6. Click Apply Filters.

  7. Optionally, select Live Updates to update the student population every 60 seconds. This allows you to monitor students' test progress in real-time and is especially useful for identifying students locked out of a test.

    The refresh rate is every minute in an effort to reduce load times during peak testing. Alternatively, you can click Apply Filters to immediately refresh students' status.

  8. For tests administered the same day, click Add Student(s) to assign the assessment to students not included in the original test population.

    1. Use the search field to locate the desired students.

    2. Select the students you want to add.

    3. Click OK.

  9. Monitor student progress and manage student statuses as needed.

After a test is created or updated, the student population will reflect after the nightly build instead of in real-time.

If you need the student to populate immediately, navigate to Assessment Manager, then choose the test. Select Administration, then Limit Test Center. Select Refresh eligible student population for same-day administration, then click Save.

Assign tests to students or change students' test status

You can change the test status to assign a test to an individual student or make a bulk change to assign it to multiple students.

  1. Select an assessment.

  2. Filter the student list as needed.

  3. Select the necessary students.

  4. Click Choose an action.

  5. Choose Release X Unassigned Students to OLA.

Change the status of selected students

  1. Select an assessment.

  2. Filter the student list as needed.

  3. Select the necessary students.

  4. Click Choose an action.

  5. Choose the appropriate action.

  • You can only choose actions valid for all selected students, and actions that are possible from the students' current status. If no action is possible for all selected students, an unavailable icon displays when you click Choose an action.

  • Only 2000 students can display on this page. Apply filters to select students who are not displayed in the first 2000 results. If you select all students by test status or by using the select all option in the student list, any selected action applies to all students who can be assigned to the test and is not limited to the 2000 students displayed.

Change the status of all students with the same test status

  1. Select an assessment.

  2. Filter the student list as needed.

  3. Click the students' current status count.

  4. Click the group action for the students' current status.

  5. Select the desired action. This will apply to all students with this status.

Test status descriptions




Students who have not had the test assigned to them.


Students who have had the test assigned to them but have not started testing.

  • A star icon indicates a student who was assigned via OLA.

  • A document icon indicates a student who was assigned via scan sheet.

In Progress

Students who are currently taking the test or have paused the test.


Students who navigated away from the testing browser window when Secure Test Lockout was enabled. An administrator can also manually lock a student's test.

Scoring in Progress

Students who have completed and submitted the test.


After the test is scored, the status changes to Finished. Once in a Finished status, students' test results are visible in Student Item Analysis. After overnight processing, the results are visible in all reports.

Status change actions



Cautionary notes

Move to Unassigned

A student was assigned the test in error.

  • This action is available only for assigned students who have not started the test.

Move from In Progress to Scoring in Progress

A student forgot to submit their test upon completion.

  • Moving the student to Scoring in Progress scores the student whether or not they completed all items on the test.

  • Student results are not available until after the next overnight update.

Move Locked to Scoring in Progress

A student's locked test must be submitted.

  • Moving the student to Scoring in Progress scores the student whether or not they completed all items on the test.

  • Student results will be available in the next build.

Move Scoring in Progress to Finished


The student’s test is scored.

  • Moving the status from Scoring in Progress to Finished is done automatically after the test is scored.

  • Cannot be selected manually.

Move Finished to In Progress

The student submitted their test in error, and the test has already been processed.

  • Moving a student's test from Finished to In Progress removes all rubric scores and any responses already entered using Online Scoring if scores have been assigned.

  • If a student is assigned a test and a teacher enters scores for that student in Online Scoring, the student’s test status changes directly from Assigned to Finished. Once scores are entered in Online Scoring, the test cannot be changed to the In Progress status.

  • If you receive an error message, the student has completed the test via scan sheet. You will have to delete the test scores.

  • For high-stakes tests, this option may not be available.

  • Moving students from Finished to In Progress requires confirmation. If the confirmation does not display, verify that a pop-up blocker is not enabled.

Lock Test

The teacher needs to lock the test for students who are In Progress.

  • Locking a test makes the test unavailable for the selected students until it has been unlocked.

Unlock Test

There are additional ways to unlock tests for students.

The teacher needs to restore student access to the test.

  • Unlocking a test makes the test available for the selected students.

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