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Online Testing Experience

Test Navigation

The following options are available to help you navigate Online Testing:

  • Click Start Test to begin the assessment.
  • Click Pause to pause the test without submitting the answers and allows testing to resume at a later time.
  • Click Submit Test to submit the answers to be scored and exit the test. The student cannot access the test later to continue testing.
  • Click Next to proceed to the next question or page. Alternatively, swipe left to proceed when testing using an iPad.
  • Click Previous to go back to the previous question or page. Alternatively, swipe right to proceed when testing using an iPad.
  • Click the briefcase icon to display a tool directory.
  • Click the student's initials to log out of Online Testing, set the magnification level, change the contrast, or enable Text to Speech.

Test Tools

The available test tool depends on the test you take and the types of questions the test contains. Test tools may include:

  • Flag - Flag a question to review later in the testing session.
  • Highlighter - Highlight text as needed. 
  • Clear all highlights - Clear all highlighter markings. 
  • Notepad - Display the student notepad.
  • Line tool - Display a line.
  • Calculator - Display a basic calculator. 
  • Scientific calculator - Display a scientific calculator.
  • Graphing calculator - Display a graphing calculator.
  • Ruler - Display a ruler.
  • Protractor - Display a protractor.
  • Compass - Display a compass.
  • Choice eliminator - Eliminate answer choices to narrow down selections.
  • Reference - Display a reference sheet.

Test Accessibility

  1. Click the student's initials, then choose Accessibility.
  2. Select the corresponding tab to enable the following accessibility settings:
  • Color Contrast - Choose the text and background contrast.
  • Screen Magnification - Choose a screen magnification level.
  • Text to Speech - Turn Text to Speech on or off. The Text to Speech tool offers reading assistance to students. 
  • Line Focus - Turn Line Focus on or off. The Line Focus tool offers reading assistance to students by highlighting a fixed area on the page and slightly obscuring all surrounding areas. This allows the student greater visual focus. Students have the additional options to increase or decrease the opacity level and line height.
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