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Set Menu Security

Menu security determines which menu options a user is permitted to access from the main navigation menu. The administrator defines Menu Security by Role and grants Access and permissions.

Set Menu Access for Organization

  1. Choose Admin from the main navigation menu, then choose Menu Security.
  2. Click a menu item to display its menu options.
  3. Click the menu option name to display the Permissions dialog.
  4. Click Add user or group.
  5. To narrow your choices, filter groups by description or by a single user.
  6. Choose the user or group to add, and click OK.

    To choose more than one user at a time, press and hold the Ctrl key on a PC keyboard or the Cmd key on a Mac keyboard as you make your selections.

  7. Select Access for each new user or group.
  8. Click Save.

Assign users to groups and allow menu security to be inherited from their group settings.

You must log out and back into your site before menu security changes take effect.

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