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Student Detail

The Student Detail displays students' demographic and academic information.

  • If your district uses Performance Matters PMP and Intervention, this information is available on the Student Detail.
  • If your district has enabled Accommodation Profiles, the student demographic information will include an accommodations pill with the Student Attributes to indicate whether the student has an accommodations profile.
Primary UsersPrimary UsesGuiding Questions
  • Teachers
  • School Administrators
  • Guidance Counselors
  • IEP Team Members
  • Get a comprehensive overview of student performance
  • Record test scores in the grade book
  • Compare student performance with class, school, and district
  • Identify areas of weakness and need for remediation
  • Analyze student performance on standards
  • Which attributes have been applied to this student?
  • On which standards has the student performed well? Where do they need to improve?
  • How is my student performing overall?
  • How is my student performing compared to the class? School? District?
  • Is my student involved in any progress monitoring plans?
  • Is my student involved in any Intervention groups?

Access Student Detail

  1. From the main navigation menu, choose Reports, then choose Student Detail.
  2. Filter the student list.
  3. Click the student's name.
  4. Click Student Detail.

Test Results

  1. Select Test Results.
  2. Select Common, State, or Additional Scores.


The Common tab displays the student's results for assessments administered through Performance Matters.

  • The dot next to the Course Type indicates the performance band in which the student's score falls.
  • Select the test name to review the test results in Student Item Analysis.
  • Click View Report to display a bar chart comparison.
  • Click the plus sign to display standards information for a test.


The Observational tab displays the student's results for observational assessments administered through Performance Matters.

Choose an assessment to display each Measure, Color Association, Measure Response, and Standards.


The State tab displays the student's state test results.

  1. Select Show all Scores to display the State Test Scores and Achievement Levels.
  2. Click the plus sign to display the student's score for each strand.

Additional Scores

The Additional Scores tab displays the student's other tests.

Choose a Measure Category to filter test results. You can select multiple categories.


The Standards tab displays the standards that were tested in Performance Matters.

  1. Choose at least one Assessment Category.
  2. Hover over a standard code to review the standard description. Alternatively, click a standard to display its description, the student's comparative performance, and tests that include this standard.
  3. Optionally, when you review a standard's details, you can click a test name to display the test in Student Item Analysis.

Standards are color-coded according to the default performance band. The cuts and colors can be updated at any time and the effects display immediately. Performance bands can contain any number of cuts or colors based on the district's desired setup.


The PMP tab is available if your district utilizes the Performance Matters Progress Monitor Plan (PMP). Click the tab to display the student's plans.

Add a New PMP

  1. Click Add New.
  2. Select a Content Area.
  3. Select a Course Type.
  4. Select the Instructional Strategies.
  5. Enter the Rule/Rationale.
  6. Click Add.

Managing PMPs

From the PMP tab, you can review and manage PMPs:

  • Click the pencil icon to edit a field.
  • You can change the status of Eligible and Active PMPs. Click the corresponding action button to change the status of a PMP.
  • Click Delete to delete a student's PMP.
  • Click PMP Report to download the student's report.

Only manually created PMPs are available to edit or delete. Rule-triggered PMPs cannot be updated through the Student Detail page. Refer to PMP Administration for more information.

Understand PMP Actions

EligibleActivateThe triggered PMP is now active for this student.The instructor has decided to continually monitor the progress of the selected student.
DismissThe triggered PMP now displays as dismissed for this student.The instructor has decided this PMP is not needed for this student.
ActiveCloseThe active PMP now displays as closed for this student.The instructor has determined the successful completion of this PMP for the student.


An Intervention tab is available if your district utilizes Performance Matters Interventions.

  1. Click the tab to display all programs the student is been enrolled in, the category that the specific program targets, and the number of interventions associated with that program.
  2. Click View Chart to display the different chart options available for a program.
  3. Click the plus sign to display more details about an intervention.
  4. Optionally, click the PDF icon to download the information.

Test Accommodations

Student accommodation profiles allow you to review or manage individual student accessibility settings to ensure a student's specific accommodation needs are continually met. Accommodation profile settings take precedent over assessment settings. This means that the tools and accessibility accommodations applied to a student's accommodation profile are available to a student regardless of the assessment tools and accessibility settings applied at the assessment level.

If Test Accommodations is not available, your district administrator can submit a support ticket to request activating the option.

Your district administrator determines whether your permissions will allow you to review the accommodations, make changes to the accommodations currently available for a student, or manage the availability of Test Accommodations for other staff.

If your district submits a template file to Support, it will be processed in the nightly build and reflected in the students' Accommodation Profiles.

  1. Choose from the Course options.
  2. Select the applicable Available Tools to apply to the student accommodation profile.
  3. Select the necessary Accessibility Accommodations.
  4. Click Save Changes. The changes will reflect in Online Testing in real-time.
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