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User roles

Performance Matters lets you customize how users access information within your district sites. Roles govern the menus, modules, reports, filters, and student information available to the user.

Default user roles

The following roles are available by default within the system:

  • District Admin: The highest level of access is usually reserved for users who manage the system.
  • District User: Users who need access to district data.
  • Principal: Access to all teachers and classes within one or more schools.
  • School Admin: Access to all teachers and classes within one or more schools with different menu options than Principals.
  • Teacher: Users who have access to only their students scheduled through SIS files.
  • Co-Teacher: Users who have access to students who are manually enrolled using Enrollment Admin in Performance Matters. The Co-Teacher role cannot be assigned along with the Teacher role. A user must be assigned as one or the other.

Custom user roles

Districts can have custom roles created in the system to meet their unique needs. Most districts have between five and ten roles. The following roles are commonly used; however, you can change the names to match terms used locally within your district. All custom roles are either district or building-level roles. This means the users have access to all students in the district or buildings associated with their role.

  • District Test Creator: District User with the ability to create district-wide tests.
  • School Test Creator: Teacher who can display all students at their school within the site, but cannot create district-wide tests.
  • Instructional Coach: District or building-level user with menu security focused on item and test creation for the district.
  • Intervention Admin: Users who maintain the overall district structure of interventions.

Enter a support ticket to request the creation of custom roles.

Role security

You must define access and permissions for each role. Default roles may include default settings.

In Performance Matters, roles are designated groups that are assigned the necessary security settings:

By default, all user role groups are included in the Faculty Group within the district.

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