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Create an intervention

  1. From the Utility Apps menu, choose MTSS Interventions.
  2. Select Start New Intervention. Alternatively, navigate to the Intervention Bank tab.
  3. On the Intervention Bank page, select an intervention plan and click Use This Plan.
    Use filters to narrow down the list of intervention plans.

  4. On the Start New Intervention page, update the Intervention Name as needed. 
  5. Navigate to the Students tab and add students as needed.
  6. Navigate to the Staff tab and add staff as needed.
  7. Navigate to the Schedule tab, and select the session dates.
  8. Navigate to the Student Support Resources tab and add or remove resources. 
    • Resources added to the Intervention Plan are added to the new intervention by default. You can remove these resources.
  9. If you are ready to start the intervention, click Start Intervention. Otherwise, click Save as Pending. After you start an intervention, you can manage the intervention from All Interventions.
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