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Manage Interventions

Use the All Interventions page to review active, pending, and closed interventions, track student progress, or add new interventions.

To access interventions, open the Utility Apps menu and choose MTSS Interventions.

  • Use filters to narrow the interventions listing.
  • Select an Intervention to open the intervention details.
  • Interventions tied to the current date are sorted at the top of the intervention listing.

Edit Intervention

  1. From the intervention details page, select Manage Intervention.
  2. Make your updates to students, staff, scheduling, or support resources.
  3. Save your edits.

Update Intervention Notes

You can create notes for the entire intervention or for individual students.

  1. Select Intervention Notes.
  2. On the Notes page, click Add New Note to create a note or Reply to respond to an existing note.
  3. Enter the note details.
  4. Select whether the note is Private or Public.
  5. If needed, link the note to a student.
  6. Click Save.

Update Meeting Attendance, Observations, and Goals


  1. In the Selected Meeting section, navigate to the Attendance tab.
  2. Select a meeting date.
  3. Enter the attendance for one or more students.  
    1. To record attendance for an individual student:
      1. Select an attendance status icon to indicate if the student was present (checkmark icon), tardy (clock icon), or absent (minus icon).
      2. If needed, enter the number of minutes the student attended the meeting.
    2. To record attendance for multiple students:
      1. Select the students and choose Set Attendance or Add Time Attended.
      2. Select the attendance status or enter the number of minutes the selected students attended the meeting.

Attendance percentage is the total number of present or tardy sessions divided by the total number of recorded sessions.


  1. In the Selected Meeting section, navigate to the Observations tab.
  2. Select a meeting date.
  3. Choose an observation label for each student to record the student's progress for the meeting. Alternatively, select multiple students and choose Set Observations.


  1. In the Selected Meeting section, navigate to the Goals tab.

  2. Select a meeting date.

  3. Enter goal scores for one or more students.

    1. To add scores for individual students, enter a Score value for the student.
    2. To add scores for multiple students, select the students and choose Add Goal Score.

      1. Select a Goal and enter a Score value for all selected students.
    3. Review the score values and click Add Goal Scores.
  4. Alternatively, retrieve assessment scores for all applicable students.

    Retrieved scores will overwrite existing score values for the selected goal and day.

    1. On the Retrieve Scores page, choose a Goal.
    2. Choose a School Year.
    3. Select the Assessment Source, Assessment Subject, and Assessment Name.
    4. Review the score values and choose Retrieve Scores.

Compare Students' Progress

Compare how students are progressing for attendance, observations, and goals. You can view an individual student's progress or compare multiple students' progress.

  1. In the Selected Meeting section, navigate to Attendance, Observations, or Goals.
  2. Choose Compare Students
  3. On the Compare Students page, select one or more students to compare. You can select a total of ten students.
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