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Unified Insights is a user-friendly, web-based solution that delivers information to district administrators and educators through clear, easy-to-read data. 

The application Portal includes the following elements. 

Application Portal Overview

  1. Main menu: Access dashboards, utility applications, and developer tools, depending on user permission settings. 
  2. Dashboard: The name of the currently selected dashboard.
  3. Sub-dashboards: A subset of dashboards for the currently selected dashboard.
  4. Filter Data: Choose a filter option to narrow down the data. Metrics are automatically updated with each applied filter. 
  5. Help: Access the online help documentation.
  6. Profile: View and update your account information and log out of the application.
  7. App Switcher: Quickly access your account in other PowerSchool applications used by your organization.
  8. Integrated PD: Access integrated Professional Development links.
  9. Dashboard Tools.
    • Add to Favorites: Add a dashboard to your Favorites list.
    • Favorites: Manage your Favorites list.
    • Home SettingsSet As Home: Set the currently displayed dashboard as your home page. 
  10. Card Tools: Access metric tools and information.

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