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Impersonate a user

Users with the District Admin role can impersonate users with a lower role to whom they have access by security rights. Impersonation is useful for troubleshooting what another user views when they log in to Unified Insights.

  1. From the main menu, select Developer Tools.

  2. In the navigation pane, expand Site Administration, Security, and then Global Domain.

    • For multi-district tenants, expand the district domain instead.

  3. Select Users to populate the content panel with a list of users you can access.

  4. Locate the user you want to impersonate.

    • If needed, use the Search Filter options to locate the user. Enter your selection criteria and click Apply.

  5. Verify if the user can be impersonated.

    • User records with a green Person icon can be impersonated.

    • User records with a blue Person icon are PowerSchool-controlled users that cannot be impersonated.

  6. Click the green Person icon to launch Impersonation mode.

    • Your browser loads the user’s Home dashboard in Unified Insights with the user’s initials displayed in the Account icon.

  7. To end the Impersonation session, click the Account icon and select End Impersonating.

    • You are returned to your regular Unified Insights session with your account.

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