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Plan Templates

District administrators can create Student Plan templates in a centralized place for all users to use. 

Create a Student Plan Template

  1. From the Utility Apps menu, choose MTSS Student Plans.

  2. Navigate to the Templates tab.

  3. Click Build Template.

  4. Choose an existing Plan Type or create a new type.

  5. Enter a Template Name.

  6. Choose the District to which the template applies.

  7. Select whether the template Is Secure. If selected, only staff members added to the plan will have access.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. On the Student Plan Template Builder page:

    1. Select and drag available form components to the template area.

    2. Update the component layout information and click Save. You can preview your component updates as you make them.

  10. You can edit, move, copy, or remove the data elements by clicking Edit (gear icon), Move (arrows icon), Copy (paper icon), or Remove (x icon) for the component.

  11. If needed, click the Edit (pencil) icon for the template name to update the Template Name, District, whether the template is a state-level template, if only state administrators can make edits, or whether the template Is Secure.

Form Components

When a plan is created, the system pulls the current student data for academics, assessments, behaviors, and attendance. Staff cannot edit or refresh the data for these field types.

Data Entry Elements



Checkbox Group

Create multiple labels with checkboxes. You can require the user to include a checkbox group.

Date Field

Add a date field. You can require the user to include a date.


Editable text label.


Editable text area.

Radio Group

Create a group of options with radio buttons assigned to each option. You can require the user to include a radio group.


Editable drop-down menu. You can require the user to include a drop-down menu.


Create horizontal tabs.

Text Area

Open text field that can be extended to create a larger field in the template. You can require the user to include a text area.

Text Field

Open text field. You can require the user to include a text field.

Data Domains

Important: Only refresh data domains when you want to bulk update all student plan data. Refreshing may affect many plans.




Academics are pulled from the SIS. They include Year, Mark, Course Subject, Course Name, Term, Staff Name, Type, Credits, and Grade.


Assessments are pulled from the student's uploaded assessments into a table. They include Test Name, Year, Completed Date, Administration Period, Test Subject, Test Score Value, Test Primary Results, Vendor, Product, and Test Class


Attendance pulled from the SIS. It includes Year, Overall Attendance %, Absences by Term, and Chronic Absences Rating


Behavior is pulled from Incident Data for the district (historical) in the SIS into a table. It includes Year, Date, School Name, Discipline Offense, and Discipline Action


Add student demographic information. Demographics are pulled from the student's demographic page in the SIS. They include Name, ID, Age, Birthday, Status, Race, School, Grade, Cumulative GPA, School Changes, ELL, Primary Language, and Special Education

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