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Work with metrics

Dashboard metrics display individual data analyses in various formats (bar charts, pie charts, maps, etc.). Use the following tools and methods to interact with the data.

Filter data

You can limit or switch metric data by using dashboard filters.

  1. Click Filter Data.
  2. Locate the item to filter or use Search.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the filter. You may select multiple filters.
  4. To apply the filter and refresh the metrics, click the pointer anywhere on the dashboard.
    • Applied filters appear next to the Filter Data field.
  5. To remove a filter:
    • Click the filter button or the x to remove an individual filter.
    • Click Clear All Filters to remove all filters.
There is a 500-row limit for Staff and Course filters in the Classroom dashboards.

Mouseover (tooltip)

For some style templates, when you rest the pointer over an entry within the metric, information about the data is displayed. This information is can include the measure expressed in that data point of the metric or the measure plus a percentage value representing the contribution that data point makes to the sum of all the metric data points. Tooltips are usually labeled with the primary dimension value for that data point.

Drill down

You can identify metric elements with drill-down capability by the mouse pointer changing from an arrow to a hand shape. Left-click the element to drill to the default list. Right-click the element to display drill options and select the type of list to drill to. From a drill-down listing, click any underlined item to drill down to the next level of detail.

Limit by this value

You can update all metrics on the dashboard to only include a limited value by right-clicking a metric element and selecting Limit by this value. Reselect the dashboard or navigate to another dashboard to remove the filter.

Card tools

Click Card Tools (...) to access metric tools and information.

More info

Click Card Tools, then More Info to open a metric to a sub-window to view Content, Data, and Definitions information.


To zoom in on a metric:

  • Hold the left pointer button and click and drag to select a section of the metric.
  • Hold the Shift key to scroll the x-axis.

Click Reset Zoom to return to the original chart view.

Metric legend filter

Use the legend on a metric to filter the content. Click any of the metric legend elements to hide them on the chart. Click the legend element to show it again.

Table functionality

Column search

You can search for specific records by using the column filter field.

  1. Click the options menu in the column header to open the column filter options.
  2. The default filter condition is "Contains." If needed, choose a different filter condition.
  3. Type in a value to filter the results.
  4. If needed, use the AND and OR options to further refine the filter setting.

The listing is automatically updated as filter options are selected.

Rearrange columns

To rearrange a column, left-click the column header and drag it to a new location within the table. You cannot rearrange locked columns on the left side of the table.

Download a metric

Click Card Tools, then Export to download a metric, filter criteria, and data table for formats that allow pictures and text. Image formats will only include the metric, and CSV formats will only include the data.


The PowerGrid allows you to create ad-hoc reports from available data.

  • Drag and drop any of your data domains to the Columns or Rows area for a cross-domain data view.
  • Click the Filter icon on a data domain to filter available datasets.
  • Use the Function, Measure, and Render As controls to update the data view
  • To save a grid formation for later retrieval, enter a name in the Configuration field and click Save.

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