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Google Assignments App Administrator Guide

The new Google Assignments app integrates with Google Assignments which enables instructors to create Google Assignments directly in Schoology. Students can work on and submit assignments and the instructor can then provide feedback and grade the submissions, all without leaving Schoology.

With this integration you can:

  • Assign Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings to students directly in Schoology.
  • Enable students to automatically generate their own copy of the assignment to work on and submit.
  • Provide feedback and grade assignments.
  • Use the built-in originality checker.
  • Use rubrics created within the app.
  • Select files using the enhanced content selector.
  • Use as an alternative to the existing Google Drive Assignments App in Schoology.
  • Instructors should continue to use the Google Drive Assignments App if grades are being entered directly in the Schoology gradebook instead of the app. Instructors that wish to use the in-app Google Assignments grading tool can use the new Google Assignments app.
  • The Google Assignments app is not supported on the Schoology mobile apps.

Install the Google Assignments LTI App for a School

If you're the System Administrator of your school or organization (Enterprise), you can install the Google Assignments app to all courses in your organization from the Schoology App Center. Instructors with G Suite Admin access may install the app to their courses only.

Before using the Google Assignments app, ensure that third-party cookies are not blocked on the device and/or browser used to access Google Assignments by instructors and students.

  1. Click the App Center icon in the header, then click App Center.
  2. Find and select the Google Assignments app.
  3. Click Install LTI App.
  4. Click I Agree to the terms and then Continue to continue with the installation.
  5. To add the app to your school or organization, select the option to Add to Organization.

    • You can also install the app for specific school buildings.
    • If you're an instructor with G Suite Admin access, select Install for Me and select each course you would like to install the app for.
  6. You will be directed to Organization Apps to continue the installation.
  7. Click Install/Remove to the right of the app.
  8. Select the option to install the app to All Courses.
  9. Select Course admins only.
  10. Click Submit to complete.
  11. Click Configure to the right of the app and enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret. You can generate the credentials directly from the Assignments admin console.

    Instructors with G Suite Admin access can enter credentials under External Tools in Course Options directly in their course.

    Once installed, instructors may create assignments using the Google Assignments app in their course.

To check if the app has been successfully installed, or if your organization's administrators have already installed it for your organization:

  1. Navigate to a Course.
  2. Click Add Materials at the top of your Course Materials page. If installed, the Google Assignments app will appear in the dropdown menu.
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