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Deployment of Release is expected on January 15th, 2022. 

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InterventionsUser Login and Email Added to the Interventionist Drop-DownA user's login and email address have been added under their name in the Interventionist drop-down to help differentiate users who have the same name. 
Item CreationDarkened Draw Interaction BorderThe border for the draw interaction has been darkened to allow for more visibility of the boundaries of the interaction. 
Item Creation"No Image Added" Alert Added to the Draw InteractionIn the Draw interaction, if no image is added and the item is previewed or saved, an alert stating "No image added" will display where a blank 1x1 image was previously displayed. This results in a blank background on which the student can draw.
ScoringScoring Assignment Student IDIn the scoring assignment, the student's ID number is now listed next to their name.
ReportingNew Assessment Completion Report Available through Menu SecurityThe Assessment Completion Report allows district admins to know when results are finalized district-wide and ready for analysis. This all-new report allows district users to identify remaining students whose assessments still require scoring in different schools for assessments that utilize rubric scoring. This report also provides an overview of when the test was assigned to students and when students started and submitted the test, to include top enhancement requests from our customer base.Assessment completion report
ReportingUpdated ACT Nested Structure Available

The ACT Best Score measures have been updated with a nested structure. To have your ACT data in this new format, submit a support ticket for assistance after the release.

SLO/SGOsAll References to SLO Are Updated to SLO/SGO All references to SLO in Performance Matter are updated to SLO/SGO to align with global verbiage throughout the module.
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