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Deployment of Release is expected on April 30th, 2022. 

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AdministrationAdjusted Functionality of High Stakes Test SettingsIf a test is flagged as secure and restricts printing student responses, the functionality has been updated in the site to not display that test in Print Responses for users that are not high stakes administrators in that particular organization. 
Online TestingUpgraded Text-to-Speech Tool to Latest VersionThe text-to-speech tool version has been upgraded to resolve some of the problems students experienced with the tool. Support will follow up in district-reported tickets to confirm whether their reported issues are part of this release.
Online TestingItem Editor Language Tag  Reflected in Text-to-Speech Tool for Accurate Language PronunciationFor items that use other languages, you can apply the language attribute to ensure that the text is read with the proper pronunciation when students use the text-to-speech tool for online testing.
Online ScoringUpdated Test Search in Online Scoring for Teacher Role The test search in Online Scoring has been improved for teachers to reflect only the tests that match the course type and grade level of the student populations to which they are scheduled. Previously, teachers could display any test that matched the schedule of the students to which they had access.
Online ScoringAdded Extend View Option in Online ScoringThe Expand View toggle was added in Online Scoring to help support scoring when the side-by-side template is in use.
ReportsClosed Assessments Added to Assessment Completion ReportAlong with active assessments, test administrators can now review student progress and rubric scoring status for closed assessments in Assessment Completion Report. The user can also export an Excel file of the student list for both sections. By default, Limit to Open Test Window is selected to filter the active assessment, but if you clear this option, you can search and select tests with closed windows. Assessment completion report
ReportsAdded Rubric Average in Common Assessment Folder In Baseball CardThe new Common Assessments folder includes the Rubric Average for tests with rubric-scored item types with coloring applied from the test's performance band. This only applies to assessments that have the Show Points option selected in the Administration tab of the Test Edit page. This matches what was available in the legacy Assessment folder structure, which is sunsetting in the future, with the addition of the coloring applied. The Common Assessments folder will be used going forward, which provides additional results for tests with more than one section.
ReportsUpdate Student Detail to Respect Baseball Card Permissions Locked Security When Site Administrators lock selected measures to prevent displaying them on the Baseball Card and Scoreboard reports for certain users, it will now also be applied to Student Detail State and Additional Results tab of the Student Detail report under the Test Results section. The Baseball Card permissions are updated to sync and indicate which measures to display on the Student Detail report and which rows to display based on the user accessing the report.

If the user is not part of the security group or a Site Administrator, then the measure is hidden in the State Tests and Additional Scores tab of the Student Detail report under Test Results.

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