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Basic Test Taking

The welcome page lists tests according to their OLA Test Statuses.

  1. Choose a test or section.
  2. Review the summary of the Online Testing Buttons available for the selected test or section. Your test administrator may have provided a printed reference page of these buttons.
  3. Click Next (or swipe left using an iPad).
  4. If the test requires a Password, enter the password your teacher provided.
  5. Review any special instructions, then click Start Test.

    1. Check the connection status in the header bar.
    2. Click your initials, then choose Accessibility to:
      • change the level of magnification
      • change the contrast settings
      • enable Text to Speech
      • enable Line Focus
    3. Choose from the question list to navigate to specific questions.
    4. Click Tools, then choose from the tools turned on for this test or section.

      For any question that requires you to upload a file, the file size limit is 15 MB.

  6. Click Next and Previous to navigate through the questions (or swipe left and right using an iPad).

  7. Click Pause if you need to stop the test but are not ready to submit it for scoring.
  8. After you complete your test, click Submit Test.
  9. On the test summary, carefully review your test status.
  10. Click any unanswered question to return to that question.
  11. When you finish reviewing the summary, click Submit Test.

    Your test is not submitted for scoring until you click Submit Test from the test summary.

    • If the test contains only machine-scorable items and Show student score after submission is enabled, you can review your score.
    • If your test includes manually-scorable items, you cannot review your score until manual scoring is complete.
  12. To leave Online Testing, click the gear icon, then choose Logout.

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