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Create Item with Multiple Interactions

You can create an item with multiple interactions. For example, you can create an item that requires the student to arrange continents from largest to smallest in the first interaction and asks the student to match cities with their respective country in the second interaction.

Add Content

Use the composer tools and editing pane to add interactions and other content to your item. 

Add a Resource

You can add a resource to use with the interactions that follow. 

  1. Place the cursor directly on the Item Creation editing canvas.
  2. Search for the image or resource you want to add. 
    • Click Insert Image Resource to search for a resource that has been uploaded to Performance Matters Assessment and Analytics
    • Click Add Image to add an image directly from your computer. 

Add Interactions

You can use any combination of interactions in an item:

  1. If needed, press the Enter key to add space between the image or resource and the interactions you will add.
  2. Choose the first interaction you want to use. Configure the interaction and enter the necessary information. 
  3. Click within the item editing pane under the interaction you just created. If needed, press the Enter key to create space between the interactions.
  4. Choose the next interaction you want to add. Configure the interaction and enter the necessary information.
  5. Preview the item to verify the scoring and appearance of each interaction. Select the Preview button and choose the correct answers to verify scoring.
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