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Navigate in Performance Matters

Performance Matters features a home page tailored to your role and consistent navigation to get you to the tasks you need to accomplish. 

The main menu displays on all pages and gives you access to Performance Matters.

Use the menu to navigate to the desired features. For example, if you want to create a new test, choose Tests from the main navigation menu, then New Test

If Tests and New Test are not available in the menu, you do not have the required menu security to create tests.

From the main menu, choose from the following:

  • Click the Help icon (question mark) to access online help.

  • Click the global search icon (magnifying glass) to locate objects. Refer to Search in Performance Matters for more information.

  • Click your initials to access a menu with your user profile and other administrative functions. 

  • The organization in which you are currently working displays next to your initials. Click to access any other organization for which you have rights.

  • Click the Applications menu to select PowerSchool products you have permission to access.

The home page displays information specific to your role. Explore the tabs under MyDashboard. In addition to News and Assignments and Shared Reports, your role determines whether you have the option of the Students, Teachers, or Schools tab. For example, teachers have the additional Students tab. MyDashboard describes the home page in detail.

The following is an example of a district administrator home page with the School Overview tab selected. Administrators can choose the Schools tab, but not the Teachers or Students tabs.

An image depicts an example of a district administrator home page with the School Overview tab selected.

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