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Online Testing Readiness

Use this checklist to ensure you are ready to administer an assessment using Online Testing.

Student Logins

Verify unique login names for each student

Verify the desired password

Send data file to Performance Matters to configure student logins

Computer Readiness

Confirm computers meet the minimum preferred specifications for Online Testing

Determine how to make the Online Testing link available to students

Confirm access to the Online Testing link is available on all computers

Verify the correct browser translation setting on all computers (for example, turn the translation option off for world languages tests)

Test Creation

Determine district default settings for Online Testing

Build a test and verify that the correct spelling and answer choices are reflected throughout the test

Choose desired course types and grade levels

Create a Test Window with desired dates and Online Testing options

Test Readiness

Log in to the test as a student

Check the functionality of test settings selected during test creation (for example, random question presentation, pause button, back button)

Verify that the Online Testing display options selected during test creation are included (for example, instructions page, questions remaining, advance to last question link)

Verify that the tools selected during test creation are available (for example, calculator, eliminator)

Answer all but one question on the test

Click Stop at the end of the test

Confirm the skipped question display as unanswered

Click Exit to submit the test for scoring

Confirm that the student’s results are displayed in the Pending Student Item Analysis report

Online Testing Student Administration

Determine whether all students should take the test in the same manner (for example, consider IEPs or other requirements)

Release the test to desired students in Manage Tests in Assessment Manager

Unrelease the test at the conclusion of the testing period

Manage students using OLA Student Admin

Preferred Specifications for Online Testing

Ensure that the devices used to take tests via Online Testing meet the minimum requirements.



1 GB RAM (minimum)

iPad defaults


1.6 GHz +1.8 GHz +
Screen Resolution1024 x 768 pixels (minimum)
Screen Size15 inch (larger recommended)
Operating System

Windows XP or newer

Two most recent versions of Chrome OS

OS X 10.6 or newer

iOS 7 or 8
BrowserThe latest version of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.The latest version of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.The latest version of Safari
Browser RequirementsEnable or allow in browser: Javascript, cookies
Internet Connection

Broadband cable, high-speed DSL, fiber optic, or equivalent is recommended. Stable WiFi and access points can be used.

Network bandwidth must support pulling multimedia files and large passages without packet loss or delayed ping response. The network should not be above 65% utilization during peak use. Failure to meet these requirements can create sustained errors in the commuter transmission of tests or items.

There is a known limitation with iPad support of some technology-enhanced interaction types. Review the interaction types for a specific list of interaction types compatible with the tablet.

PDF resource sheets are not supported by iPad at this time.

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