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SLO or SGO Sample Workflow

The following workflow provides a sample use case for using the SLO/SGO tool in Performance Matters.

  1. Teachers complete a data review in which they utilize Baseball Card to find out their focus for Student Learning Objectives (SLO) or Student Growth Objectives (SGO) in terms of:
  • Content to address
  • Population
  • Assessment
  • Teachers enter SLO or SGO rationale in Performance Matters, then review it with their principals to engage in a preliminary SLO or SGO review discussion. Refer to Create SLO/SGO for more information.
  • Set the SLO or SGO attributes.
  • Approved SLOs or SGOs have tests built and identified in Performance Matters. You must assign a course subject to each test.
  • Verify the roster in the SLO/SGO tool. The district assigns the basic growth target for the students. Refer to Manage SLO or SGO Progress for more information.
  • Administer the pre-tests and capture the results.
  • Teachers can review their students and their baseline and growth target scores. They can remove students from the population and change any growth targets. Refer to Manage SLO or SGO Progress for more information.
  • Administrators review and verify the teacher's changes to the population or growth targets.
  • Administer the post-tests and capture the results.
  • Use the SLO/SGO tool to identify students who met their growth target and by how much. Refer to Manage SLO or SGO Progress for more information.
  • Use the SLO/SGO tool to determine teacher performance against their SLOs or SGOs. Refer to SLO and SGO Results by Teacher for more information.
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