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Severe Incidents

Are we reducing the occurrence of severe incidents?

This metric displays the number of discipline incidents defined as severe by the district entered into the SIS.  These numbers are totaled on an annual basis.  The information is organized by incident group.  Individual incident types can be filtered by utilizing the Incident Type filter in Filter Data.  All incidents are included, even if the student is no longer enrolled.  This allows for a quick year-by-year comparison of the frequency of specific severe violations.

TypeColumn Label / Definition

Incident Group

The incident group values according to the local district grouping rules.  This requires that the detailed incident codes are mapped into district groups in the SMS or in the DISCIPLINE_OFFENSE_GROUPS domain.



The school year for the related school. 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, etc. Note that dates outside the defined school year are set to School Year of 0.


# Incidents

The number of discipline incidents entered into the system.

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