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UI UpdatesPerformance Matters Platform

Updated Styling to Match PowerSchool:

  • Updated the page styling to reflect the PowerSchool Design System to remain consistent with other PowerSchool products.

SearchItem Search

Outdated Item Attribute Added to SOLR Search:

  • Updated the Search so users can locate the items flagged as outdated in the SOLR search if you need to unflag that item instead of putting in a Support ticket.
Search in Performance Matters
TestsOnline Scoring

Student ID Added to Online Scoring Student Search:

  • Added the student ID as a searchable field to locate students in Online Scoring.

Edit Test

Launch Edit Item Tab from Edit Test Page:

  • Updated the Edit Test page so users can now edit unlocked items they have permissions to edit from the Edit Test page.

  • When this access is available, a new icon is captured under the item to the right of the luggage tag icon which will launch a new tab to edit the item for ease of use in the site.

ReportsBaseball Card

Student ID Added to Student Filter:

  • Added the student ID to the student filter in Baseball Card.
  • You can now search the filter by student name or ID as you can in the Student Detail report.


RTI Program Level Student Detail Security:

    • Added the ability to secure interventions at the program level to control which users can see this program information in Student Detail under the RTI tab.
    • By default, all programs are visible in Student Detail in the RTI tab unless security is applied in RTI Admin.
    • Similar to the Baseball Card folder security, users indicated as having access to the program will trigger the program to become visible only for those specified roles, users, or groups.
    • It will take a 30-minute refresh before being seen applied in the Student Detail page specifically

To apply security to RTI programs in Baseball Card, you will need to update the folder security in the report specifically. This security in RTI Admin is specific to Student Detail.

AdministrationManage Organization

Refreshed Manage Organization Layout:

  • Updated the layout of the Manage Organization page by moving the available options to left-hand navigation to improve usability.
Administer organizations
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