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Release was deployed on October 17, 2020. 

New Features

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Support of Co-Teacher Role and Enrollment Admin PageDistrict administrators now have the ability to manually enroll students to users with the role of Co-Teacher indicated in User Manager. This can be used for staff in the district who are not captured in the district's SIS as being scheduled to students through the core files. Once you give the user the role of Co-Teacher, you can enroll students manually in the Enrollment Admin page using the student filter modal to specify the students they should have access to throughout the site and prevent them from seeing data for all students in the school. In this initial release, the Co-Teacher role does not support being combined with roles. It must be assigned exclusively until the role is further developed to work concurrently with other roles, like the Teacher role.Support of Co-Teacher Role and Enrollment Admin Page
Student Detail Section Level PermissionsPreviously, the Manage Organization site settings options limited district administrators to showing sections of Student Detail for all users or no users. District admins can now apply user, role, and group level access to sensitive information in the Student Detail report with the lock icons visible for Site Admins. By default, if the site setting is enabled to show Schedule, Attendance, Discipline, Early Warning, or Grades information, users can see this information for any students they have access to in the Student Detail report. If a site admin secures one of these sections, it will only be visible to the indicated users, roles, or groups who have access to the permissions modal. The lock is gray by default for site admins if no permissions are applied. The lock is red if the section is being secured for specific users.Student Detail Section Level Permissions
Secure OLA Student Admin for High Stakes Test in Site AdminDistrict Administrators can prevent non-high stakes admins from moving students from Finished to In Progress in OLA Student Admin for high stakes testing. This still allows them to monitor and unlock students as they take tests online, as well as manage students through the other available statuses in OLA Student Admin. In Site Admin, if an Assessment Category is flagged as being OLA Student Admin Secure, only users with high stakes admin rights can move students from Finished status back to In Progress for any test that uses that Assessment Category. Secure OLA Student Admin for High Stakes Test in Site Admin

Product Updates

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TestseSchoolPlus Gradebook Writeback for Existing TAC AssignmentsTeachers now have the ability to choose from an existing eSchoolPlus assignment when sending results for a Performance Matters test. This will only be offered if the Performance Matters test has not been previously attached to an eSchoolPlus assignment.
Standards SearchStandards Search Modal UpdateThe Standards Search Modal has been changed to now show 25 results and is paginated at the bottom to show more. It has also been widened for added ease of use. 
Student DetailStudent Detail - Section PrintingIn Student Detail, selecting the option to print now provides the available sections of the Student Detail report to allow for section options when printing.
OLA Student AdminOLA Student Admin UpdatesTo the right of the status counts, you will now see the test window dates associated with that test.
AdministrationClear All Option for Student ImagesIn Manage Organization, an additional option to clear all student images is available to remove all images associated with students shown in the MyDashboard student tab and the Student Detail report. 

Test Center

Test Center - Tests Without WindowsIn Test Center, the option to click the icon under the Actions column is now available for tests without open windows to launch the test in Online Scoring or Scoring Assignment if applicable to that test.
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