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Baseball Card 

A reset button was added to Baseball Card that deselects all added measures while retaining any applied student filters. 

Comparative Results 

The Comparative Results report can now be downloaded in Excel format. 

Edit Test 


If a user deletes a test, and the test's items are not used on any other administered tests, they will be unlocked for editing. To edit tests, a user must still have at least Update permission to the item source and/or bank. 

The Test Edit page now only displays the available performance bands the test creator has permissions to use. 

Help System 

In this release, online help now uses the Confluence system. This enables us to make timely updates to our documentation. In the previous system, a full release was required to make any customer documentation changes. 


For global clarity, we updated the RTI/MTSS labels to Intervention throughout the site. 

A new student action was added so users can re-open a student’s closed intervention. 

Intervention graphs now properly display decimal values. 

Item Creation 

Scorer permissions are now defaulted for all instruction blocks added in the item editor. Item authors no longer need to manually select this option for human scoreable item types. 


In Manage Organization, you can disable Test Analysis in Site Settings so it will not display on the MyDashboard page. 

Administer organizations

Student cards on MyDashboard can be filtered by the Intervention attribute to identify students with active Interventions. 

District-level and building-level users with access to more than one building can now filter by school on the MyDashboard page to limit data to a specific school. 

On MyDashboard, district-level users now have the selected school and teacher displayed in the banner. 

A new attribute filter was added to the MyDashboard Student tab. It is labeled INT and identifies students with open interventions. 

Online Scoring 

When a student's response is scanned, Online Scoring now displays the scanned image. 

Site Admins can now access all administered tests in Online Scoring, regardless of the 'Enter/Edit Response' setting at the test level. 

District admins can now control which assessment categories permit Online Scoring feedback. On the Site Administration page, district administrators identify which assessment categories will allow teacher feedback. 

Site Administration


When applying permissions, selecting a higher level of permissions now automatically selects the lower level permissions. 


New Scanview implementation adds search to quickly find scans and lets users customize display to show desired data. Integrated with Online Scoring to update or score student responses. Accessed from the Tests menu, so site administrators can choose which users access Scanview. Site admins can also reprocess scans, override test IDs, and darken scans. 

Scanview Help Topic

Scoring Assignment 

When a test title is updated, its corresponding scoring assignment title now changes to match. Users will no longer see different test and scoring assignment titles. 

Search Groups 

By default, the Search Groups page now shows only groups in the user's district. If you select the Extended Search option, you can choose to search for other organizations' groups as well. 

Student Detail  

The Additional Scores tab in the Student Detail report now reflects any applied coloring. 

Student Images 

Site admins can now bulk upload student images from the Manage Organization page. Enclose all images in a .zip file. Represent each student with a single JPEG image using their student file student identifier as the filename followed by a .jpg extension. 

Administer Organizations

Test Center 

Users no longer need read permission to preview OLA tests in Test Center. For tests that are not high stakes, users can now preview tests with the play button. 

Manage Tests in Assessment Manager

The play button in Test Center now reflects the OLA preview of how the assessment displays for students in online testing. 

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