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Deployment of Release is expected on July 29, 2023. 

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Separate Settings for Reading and Dictionary Accommodations

The following changes have been made to the Reading and Dictionary accommodations:

  • Dictionary no longer requires that Text-to-Speech be enabled​.

  • A separate option has been implemented for enabling Dictionary & Picture Dictionary in Test Settings and the Student Detail page.


Maryland CCLR Updated

The Maryland CCLR Definition now can accommodate the new MCAP uploader, as well as any new state test defined through the Flexible State Test Uploader.

Observational Assessments

Observational Assessment Capture Page Update

Observational Assessment's Capture Page Download button now uses the student filters that are being utilized on the page.


Florida Grad Report Updated

The Florida Grad Report now can accommodate the new FL FAST uploader, as well as any new state test defined through the Flexible State Test Uploader.

Student Groups

Student Groups Now Available for Teachers

Teachers can now create MyStudent Groups from the Baseball Card and Student Item Analysis reports based on different criteria, such as students in need of academic remediation. Mystudent groups can be used to filter students on the Baseball Card report and OLA Student Status page.

In addition, teachers can search for the student groups they created and review, edit, duplicate, and delete the student groups.

There is an exciting update for Performance Matters customers who are using PowerSchool SIS. Teachers now have seamless access to the student groups they create on Performance Matters directly from PowerTeacher Pro (PTP), and vice-versa.

Create MyStudent Groups

Manage MyStudent Groups

Baseball Card

OLA Student Status Page

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