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Deployment of Release is expected on February 26th, 2022. 

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Test CreationAnswer Key Only Standard Description Added to Standard SearchWhen creating Answer Key Only (AKO) assessments, the standard search now supports standard descriptions, not just standard codes, to locate standards.Answer Key Only Standard Description Added to Standard Search
Online ScoringImproved Online Scoring Resolution Responsiveness on Laptop DevicesThe Online Scoring page is more responsive to devices with smaller resolutions to reduce the amount of scrolling needed in the Score by Student and Score by Item tabs.
ReportsUnassigned Student Column Added to the Assessment Completion ReportMany districts need a list of unassigned students to identify students who did not take a test. The Assessment Completion Report now includes an Unassigned status on the graph and student list.Unassigned Student Column Added to the Assessment Completion Report
ReportsStandard Descriptions Included in the Student DetailYou can hover over standard codes on the Standards tab of the Student Detail report to display the associated standard descriptions.Standard Descriptions Included in the Student Detail
ReportsStudent Accommodations Profile Available Instead of using test level settings to provide students accommodations for online assessments, districts can enable this new functionality to support real-time, student-specific accommodation profiles to manage the tools and accommodations necessary for taking online assessments. Site administrators grant permissions to manage the type of access that users, roles, or groups have to students' accommodations on the Student Detail report.

When a student has personal accommodations in place, a new attribute filter called ACC (for Accommodations) is available on MyDashboard and the Student Detail report. The option to upload these student accommodations will be provided in a future release. Submit a support ticket to request enabling this new functionality for your district.
Student Accommodations Profile Available 
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