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Global (SOLR) Search

The search page was improved to increase usability. User experience research was leveraged to make searching easier, faster, and more powerful. New search criteria were added to enable search by created time, last edited time, external organizations, and deleted items. Also added the ability to distinguish single-select from multi-select choice items. In the search results, the Copy button was renamed to Duplicate to more-accurately describe the function.

Search in Performance Matters

PowerSchool Design Update

On the Performance Matters toolbar, the user name indicator was replaced with the user's initials displayed in a circle. This makes the display consistent with the PowerSchool Design System and provides an overall look and feel consistency across PowerSchool products.

Other Main Menu Features

Schoology Integration (BETA)

Schoology districts using the course assessment or the AMP modules can now import test and learning objective results into Performance Matters and use the Baseball Card and Student Detail reports to analyze student performance.

Early Warning System UpdateIn Early Warning Admin, you can now configure the Multiple Warning indicator rule to trigger only when a student is flagged for a specified number of selected categories.Add Indicator Rule

eSchoolPlus SIS Integration

Customers using the eSchoolPlus gradebook can now push grades from the Student Item Analysis report.

New Data Upload

You can now create a support ticket to have ACT NCR data uploaded into Performance Matters reporting.

Online Assessment

The online assessment ruler tool was updated to display one-eighth inch increments.

Item Creation

On the Item Creation page, the font Size selection now lists point sizes instead of size descriptions.

Content Management

  • Users with author-level permission can now move single items to an existing bank instead of being required to copy items. This is accomplished using the global search. Moved items inherit the current permissions of the destination bank.
  • Users with author-level permission can now merge items into another existing bank. This is accomplished using the global search. Merged items inherit the current permissions of the destination bank.

Move an Item to a Different Bank

Move All Items from one Bank to a Different Bank

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