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Deployment of Release is expected on February 24, 2024. 

Product Updates

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AI Generation

The new AI Generation suite includes the
following features:

  • Generate a single multiple-choice item

  • Bulk item generation in item banks

  • Generate multiple items directly from assessment creation

  • Passage generation for assessments

Announcing a new suite of AI Generation tools in Performance Matters, which can be purchased as a paid add-on.

  • Leveraging generative AI, educators can create a multiple-choice item in Performance Matters aligned to a standard, topic, and grade level. The AI-generated questions can be reviewed and edited before being given to students.

  • Generate and review several multiple-choice items simultaneously for a particular standard or subject area, then save them directly to a Performance Matters item bank.

  • Generate and review several multiple-choice items simultaneously for a particular standard or subject area, then add them directly to a Performance Matters Assessment for formative testing.

  • Generate a passage, such as a fictional story, nonfiction summary, or article, for use on an assessment directly in Performance Matters. Using Generative AI, with the PowerSchool built-in content filtering for an educational context, allows users to get a jump start on this type of content.

ACR Report

Resume count in ACR report

The new Resume Count column in ACR reports displays how often students resume a test. This will help educators better understand student behavior and identify the number of disruptions students face while completing the assessment.

Assessment completion report

Baseball Card

ACT test results

You can now sort ACT results by school year. 

Item Creation

Updated Item Creation workflow to support multiple languages while reading text

Content creators can now use the translator feature while creating or editing an item. This functionality enables multiple languages to be configured for Text-to-Speech, allowing different sections or areas of content within an item to be read to students in various languages.

Redesigned item creation

Item Creation

New interaction: early access to plot points with Number Line

Introducing an early access version of our latest feature - Number Line Interaction. Now, teachers can enhance assessments by allowing students to plot points on the number line. Use integers to set up the number line. 

Redesigned interaction types

Assessment Permissions

New Assessment Category Setting for Download Assessment Permissions

Site Admins can now give permission to download a copy an assessment based on the Assessment Category. After enabling Allow Download Assessment for an Assessment Category, any user with access to view the test will be able to download a copy of the test in Assessment Manager without needing Read permissions.

Resolved Issues

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Baseball Card Report

Maryland Graduation Status report

Resolved an issue where 4th-grade students were appearing in the Maryland Graduation Report. 

Online Assessments

Deliver online assessments through Schoology

Resolved an issue where students could unlock their test through the Performance Matters and Schoology Testing Integration.

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